Free Anti-Cancer Printable Grocery List

Printable Anti-Cancer Grocery List

I hear from people often who feel they are in a salad rut or a smoothie rut with their anti-cancer diet. They want to try new things, but it’s just hard to get their minds wrapped around what exactly they should buy. Here is a fantastic resource for those of you who can identify with this. Check out my Free Anti-Cancer Printable Grocery List!

Free Anti-Cancer Printable Grocery List

How to Use:

  1. Download and Print.
  2. Fill out quantity amount for each food, write in, or circle what you need.
  3. Go grocery shopping.
  4. Eat, heal, and thrive!



I use this exact grocery list to do my monthly or weekly grocery list shopping. You can check out my anti-cancer grocery shopping routine post from last week and dig a little deeper into how I make things happen with my 3 kids in tow and also the AMOUNT of shopping that often goes hand-in-hand with healing cancer naturally or just adopting an anti-cancer lifestyle.

Also, this coming week you can follow me on Instagram where I’ll be posting pictures of the meals I create with the ingredients on this list. I look forward with connecting with you all there!

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4 thoughts on “Free Anti-Cancer Printable Grocery List

  1. Courtney: I followed your HCG prep instructions implicitly but when I pour the remaining solution through my coffee filter, I get absolutely NO residue on the filter. There is simply nothing to send to Dr. Navarro. Is there a reason why I wouldn’t get any residue left in the coffee filter? Thanks, Vern

    • Hi Vernon,
      Sorry it takes me so long to respond. I’ve heard from other readers that not drinking as much water the night before has helped them increase their sediment. Try again and see if that helps.

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