Anti-Cancer Deals and Black Friday Sales on Vitamix, Beta Glucan, Organic Makeup and MORE!

I don’t do very much sale-sy stuff here on the blog much AT ALL, but I know about some REALLY great Black Friday discounts and promo codes and had to share! It’s definitely the time of year to stock up on these things or make that Vitamix purchase you’ve been putting off!

Real quick! If you haven’t seen The Truth About Cancer Symposium, you really don’t want to miss it! It was seriously THE BEST holistic cancer conference I’ve ever been to with over 40 experts in the alternative cancer field. If I could I would sit and take notes all day. I love learning as much as I can! SIGN UP HERE for free access from Friday November 25th at 9am until Sunday, November 27th at 7:30pm.

My Favorite Black Friday Sales and Deals!




Beta-1, 3D Glucan: A few times a year, Ancient Elements has outstanding sales on Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan and this is the best one! Stock up and save $5.00 off each bottle plus bundle deals the more you buy. As low as $44.95 per bottle (normally $69.95 retail.) Use promo code BG2016 when you check out. This sale runs through December 31st!

To read about why I have taken Beta Glucan since my cancer diagnosis 8 years ago and learn the science behind it, CLICK HERE.









Vitamix: If you are even slightly considering getting a Vitamix this year, THIS is the best possible price! $399 for brand new machines and as low as $199 for reconditioned!!!! (And if you love pink, they even have a PINK Vitamix now!)

My favorite suggestion to friends who ask me about buying a Vitamix is to buy the $299 reconditioned machine and add an additional 3 year warranty to the included 5 year warranty. You get a brand new container and an 8 year warranty on your machine. And all reconditioned models were made within 2 years of your purchase. 🙂


Annmarie Gianni Skincare: My favorite foundation and facial oils. Period. I feel like I had my makeup done with luxurious fairy dust when I’m done, lol. Organic and hand and wild-crafted. Love their message, quality, work philosophy. Everything.

Note: Annmarie Gianni’s sale is 25% off all products (excluding sample kits) and starts at 1pm on Friday, November 25th through December 1st! Use code: LetItGlow

  • Sample kits are only $10 and come with a $10 coupon for future purchases!
  • Sample foundation kits are only $20 (and these last me up to 4 months of use because I mix and match the shades!)
  • My favorite anti-aging oil is so popular, it often runs out. With 25% off, it is a GREAT deal! Use code: LetItGlow




Dr. David Williams Daily Advantage Vitamins: I have taken these during and since my cancer diagnosis in 2008. They are an excellent and thorough, food-based sourced multivitamin covering all of your nutritional bases. Up to 64% off plus Free Shipping! Promo code: BlackFri


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  1. Jut figured out that Dr. David Wlliams code is actually BlkFri 🙂 What a deal especially if you buy a larger quantity.

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