Online Groups for Alternative and Holistic Cancer Support


Searching for online alternative cancer support? I’ve learned that it’s  pretty normal to feel alone when you choose to treat your cancer naturally. It comes with the territory. 🙂

You eventually get used to it- feeling a bit like an outcast amongst even your closest loved ones. But it’s our doctors and medical team that can be the most discouraging since our choice is one that goes against mainstream belief about cancer treatment. A community of cancer “thrivers” who are coming from a similar place as you are would be amazing, right? Thankfully nowadays this is totally a reality.

25 Healthy Ways to Help Someone With Cancer

If you have ever known someone with cancer or another serious illness, then you’ve probably offered up the words, “Let me know if I can do anything to help!” It’s well meaning and generous, but it often doesn’t happen. Here’s why.

People going through hard times usually WON’T follow up for help.

Your loved one with cancer is overwhelmed. They are hearing way too much information and are busy with more doctor visits than ever. Add to that: having to make some very serious decisions regarding their treatment.

If they are of the people pleasing kind (like myself,) then they also may not want to inconvenience anyone. They might think that someone is only offering to be polite (or just don’t know what else to say!)

If they are choosing a more holistic, natural, or integrative route, then they are busy independently researching, drastically changing their diet and lifestyle, and might even be traveling out of the country for the best care.

They may believe that their choice is too different or that people won’t know the unique tasks, food preparation, etc. that comes with a more unconventional treatment plan. OR worst yet- concerned visitors may bring some negative energy or disagree with their treatment options.

This is why you JUST HELP and with absolutely no agenda.

20 Questions For Your Oncologist (A Must Have For Those Diagnosed With Cancer!)

My friend and fellow holistic cancer survivor, Chris Wark has created what I wish I would have had after my diagnosis, a FREE guide giving you the MOST IMPORTANT questions to ask your oncologist:

 20 Questions For Your Oncologist


It’s unsettling to know that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. That’s CRAZY when you think about it. For me I think about my two sisters and me. ONE of the three of us got cancer. I’m so grateful that me getting cancer (and healing it naturally) prompted them to drastically change their diet and lifestyle.

The Truth About Cancer Replay Weekend and Fun HealingStrong News


Hi Everyone! I meant to get this out yesterday, but as you can see in the picture, I found myself working with HealingStrong and hangin’ with Ty Bollinger, Founder and Host of The Truth About Cancer in person, rather than letting you guys know about the Truth About Cancer replay this weekend. So sorry about that!

You still have all day today (Sunday April, 24th) to revisit The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest series all day for FREE! And you don’t even need to sign up, just click to go to the entire series HERE.

If you’re not sure where to tune in, you can check out my complete 9 episode recap and summary and check out which interview you want to watch. You can also use the timestamps to skip around.

The Quest For the Cures Series Airing Again for FREE!

Banner for Free Live 11-day Docu-series Event March 30th - April 9th

I’ve gotten emails from several of you about when the “Quest for the Cures” will air again and the answer is VERY SOON! And the best part again- IT’S FREE!

The 11-part series will begin March 30th and air one episode each night until April 9th. Each episode will be available to stream for 24 hours after they originally air. After that, they will be available for purchase for a special promotional sale price through the link in this email.

I wrote a blog post last summer about Ty Bollinger traveling to Atlanta to interview me for the episode that included many other natural/ holistic cancer survivors other than myself (you can see me in Episode 11.) He compiled the entire series of interviews into 11 parts:

Episode 1 – Modern Medicine & The Cancer Pandemic
Episode 2 – Your First Line Of Defense
Episode 3 – Eliminate These “Dirty Dozen” To Prevent Cancer
Episode 4 – Your Secret Fountain Of Youth
Episode 5 – Nature’s Pharmacy
Episode 6 – Clean Foods & The Cancer Diet
Episode 7 – Diagnostic “Do’s & Dont’s” – Proven Treatment Protocols Part 1
Episode 8 – Proven Treatment Protocols Part 2
Episode 9 – Proven Treatment Protocols Part 3
Episode 10 – Doctor’s Orders
Episode 11 – How To Survive & Thrive

All you have to do is sign up by clicking THIS LINK and the information on how to view the series will be sent to your email.

There is nothing else like the Quest for the Cures out there. I wish all of this information (interviews with 28 doctors, 10 scientists, and 9 natural survivors,) would have been all in one resource like this when I was diagnosed almost 7 years ago. It would of saved us a ton of time and stress trying to find reputable sources for WHY and HOW alternative and natural cancer treatment works. It would also have been great to show my concerned family and friends!

I hope you’ll SIGN UP and share with your loved ones. You never know how it could change someone’s viewpoint or even save someone’s life.


The Quest for the Cures, Episode 7:
Survivors & Thrivers


Hey everyone!  Last night was the last episode of The Quest for the Cures.  Fittingly, it featured Survivors and Thrivers on what was National Cancer Survivor Day in America.

I hope you have been watching, as each episode has been chock-full of invaluable information.  Last night’s episode also included my cancer story along with quite a few others.  I was really amazed at the severity of some of the other interviewee’s cancers, and inspired at how they have recovered using simple but very effective non-toxic methods.

Treating Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma Naturally

I  was interviewed and filmed for this video over a year ago, but throughout the craziness of my 2nd daughter’s first year I completely forgot about it!

It’s pretty neat to look back and watch it. I was 34 weeks pregnant and had just finished a week of teaching 4th graders. I forgot how tired I was (and looked.)

In it I talk about my Stage 2 NLP Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis, the reasoning behind my decision to pursue a natural cancer therapy, and about the difficulties of changing from a SAD, processed foods diet to a mostly raw vegan, green, and sugarless cancer fighting diet.

I really admire Lisa Robbins, the founder of Incredible Healing Journals who put this together. She documents holistic cancer survivors and their healing journeys on video, and organizes them by cancer type so you can find them easily on her website,

My Video Interview With Chris Wark from

I would be lying if I wrote that meeting Chris Wark wasn’t AWESOME. (Hi Chris!)

He and I had been corresponding via email and Facebook over the last few years since he interviewed me after I first started Green Drink Diaries.

I also talked with him on the phone, almost in tears one day after I received a verbal beat down on a popular cancer support forum for sharing my natural cancer story and new blog. He gave me a big brotherly-like pep talk about how to hold your own on these forums and then openly stood up for me to all the haters by responding to their comments. The forum thread was deleted but my forward thinking husband took a screenshot of the bloodshed before they deleted it. You can find that HERE and the complete post on responding to haters and critics HERE.

I finally got to meet Chris in person at the Healing Strong Conference and Retreat a few weeks ago. OK, I admit it…I did feel like I was meeting a celebrity at first. I ran into Chris as he was coming off of an elevator with Ty Bollinger (who also felt like a celebrity to me) and had one of those weird moments where you recognize someone’s face from the internet but are not sure if they’ll recognize you.

But by the end of the conference, I realized he was a true friend. Super genuine, kind, and very humble. It felt so great to be amongst so many wonderful, Spirit-led people who are healing successfully from cancer without chemotherapy or radiation; in many cases, like in Ann Cooper’s and Chris’s, upwards of 10 years now and leading the way for the rest of us. (:

So, here’s the Campbells’ video interview with him. Hope you enjoy!



My Cancer Story in Natural Awakenings Magazine

Cortney Campbell

So, the story behind this story is RIDICULOUSLY cool. But first off, if you’re coming to Green Drink Diaries for the first time, here’s a big HELLO to you! (: For the whole rundown on why I decided to choose natural therapies to treat my cancer CLICK HERE and make sure to also open all of the links on that page for an even clearer picture of what it’s like to heal from cancer with non-toxic therapies.

Now, on to the coolest story ever: Early last month our Healing Strong Conference and Retreat planning team was brainstorming ways to get the word out to the public about our conference. Many ideas were bouncing around the group, and we were already sharing the news with friends and going around town putting up flyers at churches and health food stores. All this was great, but we saw the need for a heavy hitter.