Anti-Cancer Deals and Black Friday Sales on Vitamix, Beta Glucan, Organic Makeup and MORE!

I don’t do very much sale-sy stuff here on the blog much AT ALL, but I know about some REALLY great Black Friday discounts and promo codes and had to share! It’s definitely the time of year to stock up on these things or make that Vitamix purchase you’ve been putting off!

Real quick! If you haven’t seen The Truth About Cancer Symposium, you really don’t want to miss it! It was seriously THE BEST holistic cancer conference I’ve ever been to with over 40 experts in the alternative cancer field. If I could I would sit and take notes all day. I love learning as much as I can! SIGN UP HERE for free access from Friday November 25th at 9am until Sunday, November 27th at 7:30pm.

My Favorite Black Friday Sales and Deals!




Beta-1, 3D Glucan: A few times a year, Ancient Elements has outstanding sales on Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan and this is the best one! Stock up and save $5.00 off each bottle plus bundle deals the more you buy. As low as $44.95 per bottle (normally $69.95 retail.) Use promo code BG2016 when you check out. This sale runs through December 31st!

To read about why I have taken Beta Glucan since my cancer diagnosis 8 years ago and learn the science behind it, CLICK HERE.

Free Access to The Truth About Cancer Symposium


I am just getting back from the doctor and typing with two fingers because of THIS…..all thanks to slamming my hand in the door of a Mini Cooper. Don’t let “mini” deceive you….the doors are solid!!! Total mom-brain move.

Makes typing a bit more creative and single handed. 🙂

But I didn’t want to miss telling you all about The Truth About Cancer Symposium streaming LIVE!I will actually be there in person representing our natural community group non-profit, HealingStrong, but now everyone can tune in and take part in their own homes!!!!

The Truth About Cancer Replay Weekend and Fun HealingStrong News


Hi Everyone! I meant to get this out yesterday, but as you can see in the picture, I found myself working with HealingStrong and hangin’ with Ty Bollinger, Founder and Host of The Truth About Cancer in person, rather than letting you guys know about the Truth About Cancer replay this weekend. So sorry about that!

You still have all day today (Sunday April, 24th) to revisit The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest series all day for FREE! And you don’t even need to sign up, just click to go to the entire series HERE.

If you’re not sure where to tune in, you can check out my complete 9 episode recap and summary and check out which interview you want to watch. You can also use the timestamps to skip around.

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest Airing Again for FREE!


The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest premiered to over a half million viewers last Fall. In the 9 part series, host and researcher Ty Bollinger traveled to 27 countries interviewing 131 holistic doctors, experts, and survivors, all sharing what the world needs to know: that cancer can be healed naturally!

If I were diagnosed today, this would be my first purchase and priority to begin learning more about alternative and natural ways to treat cancer. It’s clear, concise, and paints the big picture of why we need to heal the WHOLE BODY and not just treat the symptoms of cancer.

Last Minute 2015 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide and Stitch Fix Review


This could also be titled “My Last Minute Christmas Gift Hustle- 2015 edition!”

It’s the minimalist in me- I like practical stuff that you can USE and has a PURPOSE. Gift buying has never been my love language. I more so like helping people with healthy advice or even helping to relieve their stress and worry over their health. Things like a Homemade Wellness Basket or Homemade Deodorant are more my thing…and writing this blog. 🙂

So here are a few fun ideas I have for my friends and family this year, many of which are healthy, helpful and practical.

VOTING WEEK for Dr. Oz’s Nurse Search- VOTE for my Sister, Kelsey!!!

TODAY IS THE DAY! My little sister, Kelsey @thesinging_RN is a finalist on the Dr. Oz #NurseSearch Competition and she NEEDS OUR VOTES!

And she should totally win because she got Dr. Oz to dance and even do the shimmy with her as she sang!

The winner will be decided by whoever gets the most votes and her competition is fierce. One of the other nurse candidates is a YouTube star and another was a contestant on the TV show “The Bachelor” and also “Married at First Sight” with a large Twitter following, so we need the holistic cancer community to come out and VOTE!!!!

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if she could be the connection to get our stories of healing naturally from cancer and the importance of nutrition, detoxification, and natural therapies into the mainstream media? You never know… 🙂

VOTE For Nurse Kelsey HERE!!!!!

Voting opens today and ends November 22nd! Vote as many times as you can!

Click for a video of each candidate, including Kelsey.

Vote for My Sister, Kelsey Rowell “The Singing Nurse” for Dr. Oz’s Nurse Core Expert!!!


OK, everyone, I need you to RALLY UP! In Atlanta, the Falcons fans would say “RISE UP” to the tune of a gospel chorale!!! That’s the kind of heavenly, holy excitement and action I need right now!!!!

My sister, Kelsey Rowell (our maiden name is hilariously “Worrell” which is why she did not hyphenate,) is a FINALIST for Dr. Oz’s CORE NURSE SEARCH.

Basically, if she wins, she will be a guest expert on the Dr. Oz show when he needs a nurse expert to present on various topics, many to do with natural healing. And guess who votes for the winner?

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest- Episode 9 Recap (Natural/ Holistic Survivors)


I would have been so encouraged by tonight’s episode when I was making the difficult decision of how to treat my cancer. I hope you will find it encouraging too! If you only have a moment, I find Dr. Jordan Rubin especially hope-filled, and he’ll give you a pep talk like no one else I have heard on the docuseries. I also found Todd Jones’ discussion about how he worked with the conventional system and still gave his daughter what she needed to heal and thrive, even while being forced to give her chemotherapy (the 44 minute mark.)

You can watch the first two episodes of The Truth About Cancer “A Global Quest” for FREE and also purchase it HERE.

Here are a few highlights from Episode 9…