An Oncologist Speaks Out: Chemo Makes Us Money, But It Doesn’t Work

Can you believe this picture?! My sister snapped it while waiting at a traffic light in Atlanta back in 2011. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! I had just started my blog and had endured some brutal verbal attacks (about my holistic cancer healing story) on a popular cancer support forum, so I just wasn’t quite ready to talk so honestly about something like this.

I must confess that I’ve pondered some “let’s not assume…” kind of thoughts. Like “well, maybe it’s not an oncologist and it’s a foreign name, like “Kem Odoc”, or “Kemo D.” from the “OC” or something like that? 🙂

But after 5 years of hesitancy on publishing this picture, I think it’s pretty clear.

This person is a proud KEMODOC.

March on Monsanto: ATLANTA and the “GMO” Debate

“What do we want, LA-BELS! When do want’em? NOW!”


This was the chant of the crowd as the Atlanta “March on Monsanto” started off from Piedmont Park on May 30th . This was part of a worldwide protest against food mega-corporation, Monsanto, creator of genetically-modified seeds that are tainting our food supply in this country and around the world.

Rather than write an entire article about why GMO’s, or genetically modified organisms make us into a BIG SCIENCE EXPERIMENT, watch my favorite video on the topic. If you want to sound intelligent when discussing GMO’s at your next lunch outing or date, this is a great video to give you the basics in an entertaining way.

I totally get what GMO-proponents say about the premise and possibility of a food shortage (Grow Food, Not Lawns!), but I personally prefer to buy organic vegetables and fruits and base the vast majority of my diet on plant-based nutrition for now. I also think it is incredibly important for many of us to slowly begin to understand how to grow our own organic food.