Essiac Tea For Cancer: Recipe + How I Used It To Heal Naturally

I have been wanting to write about Essiac Tea and its role in healing cancer for practically forever. This post is a long time coming.

I actually lost interest in Essiac for a good while when I was pregnant– then nursing- and pregnant– then pregnant again– then nursing then pregnant and nursing again from 2009 until 2016.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t drink Essiac tea while pregnant or nursing. It’s practically the only natural cancer remedy that should be avoided while pregnant! (I’ll write a little bit more about WHY below.)

So, while I wrote about practically everything else I did to heal my body naturally from cancer, Essiac was left on the back burner until finally this past summer (when nursing was D-O-N-E,) and I couldn’t wait to start detoxing with Essiac again!

Mexican Cancer Fighting Salad with Cilantro-Lime Dressing



Hi Everyone! Lots to update you on and not enough time to blog about it, so until there’s more time I’m giving you this really delicious and versatile salad you can make in all different sizes by adjusting the recipe. It’s a healthy but not too-far-out-there statement for the next football tailgate or a healthy dish to bring to your next family gathering. It’s also anti-cancer legit enough to add to your recipe rotation if you’re healing from cancer naturally.

I hope you love it!

Super Easy Anti-Cancer Guacamole

Oh my gosh, how I LOVE a delish guacamole recipe. Back in the P.C.D. (pre-cancer days,) I could put down an entire bag of tortilla chips in one sitting if you gave me enough guacamole to pair it with.

Nowadays a bottomless basket of tortilla chips is a thing of the past, but I can still savor and cherish my guacamole! This recipe is naturally paired with two other anti-cancer powerhouses: peppers and carrots for scooping.

Vanilla Cinnamon Anti-Cancer Budwig Smoothie


This week has been really active with the Bill Henderson Protocol Facebook group I moderate. You can usually chat with me there throughout the week, and one of our favorite topics right now is recipes for Dr. Budwig’s Cottage Cheese/ Flaxseed Oil mixture. There are many tasty ways to make it, but my favorite lately has been this one: The Vanilla Cinnamon Budwig Smoothie!

5 Cancer Fighting Juice Recipes + My Favorite Easy Cleaning Juicer!

5 Cancer-Fighting Juices

I get asked this question all of the time: “Do you have any cancer-fighting juice recipes?”

If you look back at my holistic and natural cancer treatment story, you’ll see I didn’t really juice that much while I was going through holistic treatment. I mainly stuck to vegetable smoothies and salads because there was so much confusing information around juicing, juice storage or not, fruit or no fruit, masticating or centrifugal, etc.

Creamy Chocolate Almond Smoothie (Protein Rich- Vegan- Icey- Yummy)

Chocolate Almond Smoothie

This is one of my family’s new favorite breakfast smoothies. The Creamy Chocolate Almond Smoothie is loaded with nutrients to fill the belly up without having to drink much. And the idea came from my favorite lover of chocolate almond ice cream- my Dad, whose birthday it is today. Happy Birthday, Dad! This smoothie is for YOU!

AWESOME 3 Day Cancer-Fighting Meal Plan for Natural Healing

Lovely Veggies

Just the other night a friend here in Atlanta who is healing from her breast cancer naturally texted me to ask if she could talk with me “real quick.”

I had a brief moment between diaper changes and cleaning green smoothie off of my kitchen blinds, so I snuck off to the garage to sit on my rebounder and call her. (I should have been bouncing but I had no idea how serious the call might be…)

Anna’s Frozen Chocolate Green Smoothie


I love this smoothie. My kids REALLY love this smoothie. And it’s easy and flexible…and tastes like CHOCOLATE!

And if you have a daughter who loves the movie “Frozen”, you can tell her Anna loves this smoothie (with a wink of course.) She’ll be even more eager to slurp it down. (Anna scarfs chocolate in the movie) “I want to stuff some chocolate in my faaaaaaace.” Don’t hate me for getting that song in your head again! 🙂