Vanilla Cinnamon Anti-Cancer Budwig Smoothie


This week has been really active with the Bill Henderson Protocol Facebook group I moderate. You can usually chat with me there throughout the week, and one of our favorite topics right now is recipes for Dr. Budwig’s Cottage Cheese/ Flaxseed Oil mixture. There are many tasty ways to make it, but my favorite lately has been this one: The Vanilla Cinnamon Budwig Smoothie!

Creamy Chocolate Almond Smoothie (Protein Rich- Vegan- Icey- Yummy)

Chocolate Almond Smoothie

This is one of my family’s new favorite breakfast smoothies. The Creamy Chocolate Almond Smoothie is loaded with nutrients to fill the belly up without having to drink much. And the idea came from my favorite lover of chocolate almond ice cream- my Dad, whose birthday it is today. Happy Birthday, Dad! This smoothie is for YOU!

Anna’s Frozen Chocolate Green Smoothie


I love this smoothie. My kids REALLY love this smoothie. And it’s easy and flexible…and tastes like CHOCOLATE!

And if you have a daughter who loves the movie “Frozen”, you can tell her Anna loves this smoothie (with a wink of course.) She’ll be even more eager to slurp it down. (Anna scarfs chocolate in the movie) “I want to stuff some chocolate in my faaaaaaace.” Don’t hate me for getting that song in your head again! 🙂

The Compost Pile Smoothie

Compost Pile Smoothie

Sounds delicious, huh!? Other names this one could be called:

The “Acquired Taste Smoothie”

The “About to Go Bad in My Fridge Smoothie”

Any others??

Alright, the point of this is that you can really put anything in a Vitamix and drink it for its nutrients. The focus is on NUTRITION, not on taste. So get your pinchers out and prepare to chug, because OUR HEALTH is worth it! Oh, and who likes to waste produce anyways? Especially when your organic food costs half your paycheck.

Cha Cha Cha Chia Peach-Banana-Chard Smoothie

Willie Chia Pet

Just in case you were wondering- YES, that is a DUCK DYNASTY CHIA PET. But this smoothie has nothing to do with duck hunting, although you could bring it “to go” on your next hunt I suppose…and offer some to Willie, Uncle Si, and Phil.

As I’ve gotten more into fruitier green smoothies and are drinking my REALLY GREEN SMOOTHIES on much more intentional occasions, I’ve been enjoying the flavors of different fruits and supplemental foods a lot. This one is the result of some of that experimenting. (: 

The “Orange Blossom Special” Smoothie

Dolly Parton makes me so happy. Really it’s her music and quirky personality that I love most, but I also love that she’s petite (almost 5’2″) like me and rose from very humble beginnings to global stardom.

Listening to Dolly this afternoon as my daughter relentlessly begged me for an orange- inspired this smoothie. No, I know what some of you are thinking. It’s next ingredient isn’t melons. (:

This smoothie is sunny and sweet. And since Dolly’s live album from 2002, Live and Well opens with the classic bluegrass tune, “Orange Blossom Special,” this smoothie got its name.

The Doobie Smoothie

Yes. That is me posing for this picture, oblivious to my daughter stuffing a giant strawberry into her mouth.

The Doobie Smoothie was birthed out of some experimentation in the kitchen, and since my daughter, Ruby-Claire absolutely loves it so much, I named it after her.

Don’t let your mind wander too much…her nickname “Doobie” resulted out of pure rhyming thematic of course! “Ruby” rhymes with what else but…”doobie.”

And, oh yes…I am completely aware of the other meaning of “doobie.” Makes me think of two things…and the latter sings “China Grove.”

The “He-Man” Smoothie Will Give You the Power!

A few weeks ago my husband bought “Best of He-Man: Volumes 1 and 2” from Target. We had gone in to buy sponges and paper towels. That’s how Target works though, right? I even threw yoga socks into the cart and tried to bribe him. “I will put my yoga socks back if you put the He-Man DVD’s back.” My attempt at reverse-psychology was not successful.

He-Man is now my daughter’s favorite thing to do with her dad. They are now the dynamic duo that has set a new 21st century record for He-Man watching.

After I finally got over my initial parenting worries of He-Man: 1. Not being educational, 2. Having a false representation of what men and women are supposed to look and dress like (cone bras anyone?) and 3. Being a waste of time for my husband, I Let He-Man inspire me. He’s “the most powerful man in the universe”, right? If He-Man knew the cancer-fighting, nutritional density, powerhouse of antioxidants that IS the green smoothie, Skelator would never have stood a chance!

Crazy Sexy Life: My Anti-Green Smoothie

So…a few months ago I read a post on Kris Carr’s blog, asking for contributions for Kris’ new recipe book. I figured that it would be a great way to help bring new readers to AntiCancerMom and to raise awareness for alternative cancer options and prevention. I went ahead and submitted my most delicious smoothie recipes and on a whim threw in the “Anti-Green” Smoothie which I created because, although it is mostly vegetables, at least it’s a better tasting veggie smoothie option– and it’s NOT GREEN!

Lo and behold even though I missed the deadline for the book, they liked the Anti-Green Smoothie recipe enough to make it their “Recipe of the Week.”

Maybe it’s SIGN that YOU should try it this week? (: