The HCG Cancer Test: Does It Really Work?

There has been a sort of “void” in my transparency about my cancer experience for the past few years since I started writing Green Drink Diaries. I purposely left out a big part of my natural approach to cancer because I wasn’t ready to write about it yet.
I’ve written many times about WHAT I chose to monitor my cancer: the hCG Cancer Test, but I’ve never shared much else about it. You may know that I used the hCG Cancer Test and chose not to use CT/PET scans after my initial diagnosis, but I haven’t talked about my experience with the test, WHY I chose it, or HOW it works.
I first heard about the hCG Test when I read Bill Henderson’s book “Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Nontoxic Healing.” He learned about it from Ruth Sackman, a 92 year old woman who lost her daughter to conventional care of leukemia and afterwards went on a mission to help others heal in a less destructive way. She was convinced the hCG test was accurate and saw the fruits of Dr. Navarro’s labor over and over again through accurate test numbers from the people she was coaching through their natural healing of cancer.
In this post I will explore the history of the hCG test, how it works, how to prepare and send off the test, and how to use it for monitoring cancer. I’ve also learned a few tricks on how to make this process of taking an hCG test really quite simple.

My next post will discuss my experience with the hCG Cancer Test over the past almost 6 years and will also address a few lingering questions and doubts about the hCG Test that I didn’t have time to deal with until now.


(From the Navarro Clinic’s official website:)

“Developed in the late 1950s, by the renowned oncologist, the late Dr. Manuel D. Navarro, the test detects the presence of cancer cells even before signs or symptoms develop. Dr. Navarro found HCG to be present in all types of cancers. The test is based on a theory proposed by Howard Beard and other researchers who contend that cancer is related to a misplaced trophoblastic cell that become malignant in a manner similar to pregnancy in that they both secrete HCG. As a consequence, a measure of the amount of HCG found in the blood or urine is also a measure of the degree of malignancy. The higher the number, the greater is the severity of cancer.

Urine, as opposed to blood or serum, is the preferred specimen for the test. In 1980, Papapetrou and co-authors reported the correctness of the urine specimen to be used in HCG Immunoassay. In 32 proven cancer cases, the immunoassay test gave 31 positive results using urine while only 12 positive results were reported using blood. HCG has been found to undergo glycosylation in the liver as it travels in the hepatic circulation. Thus, the HCG molecule cannot be detected. The molecule does not undergo this process in the kidney and therefore the molecule remains intact in the urine.

The test detects the presence of brain cancer as early as early as 29 months before symptoms appear; 27 months for fibro sarcoma of the abdomen; 24 months for skin cancer; 12 months for cancer of the bones (metastasis from the breast extirpated 2 years earlier).

The Navarro Medical Clinic has been performing the HCG test for cancer for many years and continues to offer this service under the direction of Dr. Efren Navarro. Dr. Efren Navarro, the son of the late Dr. Manuel D Navarro is a graduate of Doctor of Medicine from the University of Santo Thomas, School of Medicine and Surgery, Manila Philippines. He finished his residency in Pathology at Mercy Hospital Medical Center in Chicago. In 1994 he became a Hematopathology Fellow at the University of Illinois, Chicago. In 1996, he returned to the Philippines to continue the work of his famous oncologist father, Manuel Navarro, M.D.

Currently, many cancer patients take advantage of the diagnostic accuracy of the HCG test as an indicator of the effectiveness of their specific mode of therapy. Thousands of cancer survivors have used this test over the years to keep track of their treatment(s) success and check on the status of their remission. Patients follow a simple direction for preparing a dry extract from the urine sample. The powdery extract is mailed to the Navarro Medical Clinic where the HCG testing is performed.”



MONITORING your natural cancer progress is almost as important as what you decide to treat your cancer with. How will you know your chosen protocol is working if you don’t monitor its effect on the cancer?

Because I wanted to avoid excessive radiation from scans (and my oncologist was actually very conservative with his use of CT/ PET scans for his patients with slow-growing cancers like myself,) we chose to use hCG testing as another tool in addition to detailed blood panels and physical exams to monitor the behavior of my cancer.

The hCG test is also much cheaper than other methods of monitoring. It costs less than $65 for all of the materials and postage to send to the Philippines, where the testing clinic is located. Also, It doesn’t require a prescription like many other tests.



You may be familiar with hCG if you’ve learned how a pregnancy test works. A human embryo, upon conception begins to release a hormone called human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG. Cancer cells release this same hormone which disguises it, in a sense, from your immune system.

The Navarro hCG Urine Test uses the measurement of hCG to detect the amount of abnormally dividing cells in your body by giving you a single number, no matter where the cancer cells are in your body.

You use these numbers in a trending fashion, looking for improvement over time.

Ideally, you want to get your “number” below 50, which is statistically speaking, “cancer-free” according to Dr. Navarro.

Expect to see your first test result number between 50 and 70 IU if you have been diagnosed with cancer using an additional diagnostic tool (biopsy, MRI, CT/PET etc.) Although certain cancers, primarily involving the reproductive organs, can go as high as 10,000 IU.

The most essential number is your second test result number 6-8 weeks after your first TEST (not your result.) This will tell you if what you’re doing is working or if you need to make some changes or additions.

Remember that generally, a ’49′ means you no longer have cancer (statistically speaking,) and a ’50′ or above means you do have cancer (statistically speaking), but some people will plateau at a result above 50 with no active cancer- they simply have residual higher levels of hCG. This is one reason I think the hCG test is valuable in a series of testing. It’s important to value how you are FEELING overall as well and of course continue to see your doctor.




After several weeks of frustration in trying to find time to write this post, my husband, being as logical as he is says: “What’s so hard about it? Tell them pee in a cup, put it in the fridge, and send it to the Philippines.”

Ummm, yah. But funny enough, it really is almost that simple. Here are the exact steps from Dr. Navarro’s website:


  1. Acetone – can be purchased from the Pharmacy or Hardware or Paint Store. Nail Polish Remover is NOT A SUBSTITUTION. (Note from Cortney: I used pure acetone nail polish remover and Dr. Navarro said as long as the first ingredient was acetone and their was only one other, that was fine.)

  2. Alcohol – either Ethyl or Rubbing

  3. Coffee Filter – White or Brown

  4. Sandwich Plastic bag

  5. Beaker or any glass container or glass jar
  6. Glass measuring cup

  7. Measuring spoon

*** Do not use plastic cups or containers, as the acetone will strip them and disrupt the test. It will also ruin your cup.

 Preparation Steps:


1. From an early morning urine, take 50 ml(1.7 oz) and add 200 ml (7 oz) of acetone and 5 ml ( 1 teaspoon) of alcohol. Stir and mix well. * Note: 1 ml = 1 cc



2. Let it stand in the refrigerator or cool place for at least 6 hours until sediments are formed. Throw off about half of the urine-acetone mixture without losing any sediment.


3. Shake the mixture and filter the remainder through a coffee filter making sure all the sediments are on the filter paper.



4. When filtration is over, air dry indoors the filter with its sediments.


5. When dry, fold, wrap it with a sandwich plastic bag.

6. Mail it using the First Class Mail to:

Navarro Medical Clinic
Dr. Efren Navarro, MD
3553 Sining Street
Morningside Terrace
Santa Mesa, Manila 1016

(Note from Cortney: I used a business sized envelope with two “Forever” stamps and it got to Dr. Navarro’s clinic in the Philippines in three weeks. He will send you a confirmation email when he receives it.)

With the specimen please include:

    • Note stating the Patient’s Name, Address, Gender, Date of Birth, Email Address, Date when specimen was Created, a brief Clinical History and/or diagnosis.
    • Copy of the Payment Check or a copy of the receipt of the Western Union or MoneyGram

The current charge is $55, payable to Efren Navarro.

Mail payments to:

Efren Navarro

631 Peregrine Drive

Palatine IL 60067-7005


Pay by Paypal:, when using this option, click Send Money to, enter $55.00 in the Amount field. Also include the Patient Name in the Memo Field. Please specify along with the specimen that the payment was made thru Paypal. Paypal alerts us via email when your payment was executed and you do not need to send any note to the addressee listed above.

To see other Payment Methods –Click here.

***It will take 3-4 weeks for test result delivery when mailing from the USA, Canada or Europe.



Before collecting the urine sample, make sure that there is NO sexual contact for 12 days for Female patients, 48 hours for Male. DO NOT SEND URINE IF THE PATIENT IS PREGNANT.

Additional Interferences with the Test:

  1. Thyroid Hormones
  2. Steroidal compounds (i.e. prednisone)
  3. Female hormone supplements (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone)
  4. Vitamin D

If you are using these compounds you must wait for three days after you stop taking them and resume after urine extraction. AS ALWAYS, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO STOPPING ANY MEDICATIONS OR SUPPLEMENTS.


***A few more tips from Cortney:

-Cover the mixture before you put in your fridge (it is amazing how acetone fumes leak out even when it’s covered)

-AGAIN- don’t use a plastic containers or cups for preparing your sample.

-If you have had a baby or miscarriage, wait 12 weeks postpartum or until after bleeding completely stops to take a hCG Test (Dr. Navarro advised me on this one.)



 I personally would not use the hCG Test as a tool to DIAGNOSE whether you have cancer or not, although it wouldn’t hurt if you’re curious and wanted to keep up with the trending results. I believe it is best used as a trending test, comparing numbers back to back over time to see how your body is responding to a treatment plan.

For example, my test numbers over the past few years show gradual decline in TENTHS. I dropped from my first score of 53.0 in 2008 to my next score of 52.2 in 8 weeks. My next test almost two years later (delayed because of pregnancy) was 51.4. 18 months after that, my test was again 51.4, even though medically I’ve been declared in “clinical remission” with complete absence of tumor bulk and symptoms. I’ll talk more about my scores in my next post.



The short answer is- YES, and it’s a great option if you are on a strict budget and trying to treat your cancer naturally. But my skepticism with this test lived on for years of testing until I finally learned how to look at my results. Just like the natural therapies I used to treat my cancer, this test just seemed too easy and I remained skeptical.

In the beginning of my natural/alternative cancer journey I really struggled with believing that any of this natural cancer stuff really worked. I was EXTREMELY untrusting.

So because of that, I was highly sensitive to anyone preaching that cancer could be cured easily with natural methods or monitored cheaply and effectively using a test you administer yourself and mail to the Philippines.

My next post will deal with my skepticism and will include my many emails to Dr. Navarro’s staff over my questions regarding my test results, along with results from Green Drink Diaries readers.

I will also write about some other HCG testing options and also more expensive but reputable alternative cancer tests.

Anyone else have experience with HCG testing? Let’s talk about it!

125 thoughts on “The HCG Cancer Test: Does It Really Work?

  1. Courtney,
    Totally awesome! I ordered the kit from months ago.
    I haven’t taken the test yet. I look forward to your posts on this subject.
    My doctor wanted to start chemo back in December. I left and have not gone back since.
    I am going by how I feel, which is pretty awesome considering my diagnosis of CLL.
    I just know in my heart that the chemo treatment will kill me before the disease does.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love Linda

  2. I went on the HCG diet in 2011. In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    Increasing the HCG level in your body activates cancerous cells?
    Yet, HCG injections and/or drops are readily available.

  3. Courtney,

    I am having problem with getting sediments. When I first pour half of the liquid with the sediments, there would be a lot of sediments. But as the liquid evaporates, so does the sediments. By the time the paper is dry, I can only see a very faint yellow on the paper and only very little white stuff (which I assume are the sediments) sticking to the paper that does not come off. Looking at your photo, it looks like the sediments are like powder that are loose and not sticking to the paper. And they are dark yellow or is it just the color saturation of the picture.

    I did exactly as the Dr. Navarro’s site says, only used acetone like yours 100% pure acetone that means it has one other ingredient, not the one from the hardware store. Then I filtered it. I used 3 papers though because I just held the paper while filtering and did not put it over a strainer. But even so, the goal is to filter, right?

    Are your sediments also sticking to the paper? Also when you do this procedure, do you stop taking your FOCC for a while? I don’t know if that has any effect to estrogen or whatever that can affect the test?

    Any other info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Kaye- did you make sure you used the very first morning urine? Yes- my sediments stuck to the paper, but there was usually a thicker layer. The example I used for the pictures seemed to have less sediment for some reason (I think I was more hydrated.) I never stopped taking the CCFO when I tested, just the Vitamin D.

  4. I wonder where is the best place to buy the alcohol from? Does it need to be pure or can it be less than pure? Some ethanol items I see are described as 70% or 95% — are they okay to use for this?

  5. I have posted twice asking about where you purchased the Essiac tea and if it has sheep sorrel root. My post keeps getting removed. Is that something that cant be discussed!

  6. My friend did this test recently, living in the UK. Within two weeks of sending off the sample, she had an email from Dr. Navarro with the test results. She recently had breast cancer and a mastectomy, and is doing a lot of natural things to ensure cancer is removed and does not come back. Her result from the HCG test was 52.6. She was a bit worried about it, but I think it is quite a low score for someone recovering from cancer, especially as some HCG remains in the body for a while anyway.
    She will probably do it again after 2 months to see the trend.

  7. The Postal Service has rejected mailing out my mailer because they consider it to be “hazardous material” given the address on the mailer.
    Is there anyway around this problem.

  8. Cortney,
    The aceton bottle says 100% acetone on the front, but ingredients list has: Acetone, Denatonium Benzoate. Is that ok? Thank you!

  9. A friend of mine in lake Havasu City Az. was diagnosed with severe metastasizing grade 4 colon cancer. He was in the hospital,given 1 month to live and his skin had turned black.He was A caucasian.He was well known and well liked in our national community.some friends in washington state who own A O3 or ozone treatment center.Herd about his plight.they flew down at their own cost with Operatie for treating cancer with ozone.He was checked out of hospital, at the chagrin of the staff.Went home and was treated rectally with Ozone twice A day and within A month was Cancer free.The Drs. said he was A miracle man.When he told them what he had done to be cancer free he was treated as A pariah.He died 19 years later from heart failure at A very old age.Have you herd of this treatment?

  10. Hello, I literally just stumbled across this website and I truly believe it is an answer to prayer! My husband has extreme heavy metal toxicity, damaged organs as a result, and we believe he has the beginnings of cancer. I say it that way because we are working with an alternative stress treatment that is detecting it but the technician can not diagnose legally. Would this test be something that we could use to prove that there is active cancer in his body? Does the test specify where? Please please get back to me. We don’t have insurance (I found this site while looking up Christian alternatives to obamacare) and so have not gone in for a cancer screening. We are spending a lot on therapies to heal his body, so there is not much left for expensive Dr appointments that won’t support the road we have chosen for his healing. He is 26 and we have 2 toddlers. Please email me back! Just got the book Cancer:Step Outside The Box. Amazing book! If we had some test result markers to show the proof of it and if what we are doing is working, then the technician we are doing biofeedback with would be able to go alot further, as he cannot tell us much without outside proof of cancer. Thank you in advance!

    • Elise! WOW- that is wonderful that you found yourself here. 🙂 You should find my HOW I BEAT CANCER page very helpful. I was 26 when I was diagnosed also. He is STRONG and has age on his side. Unfortunately doctors in the US, UK, or Aussie don’t consider the hcG test as an acceptable measurement. (It’s not really meant to diagnose anyway- just to serve as a trending to test to see if you’re diagnosed cancer is improving on your protocol.)

    • hello, sorry to hear about your husbands health issues.

      You might like to look at a book called ‘Detoxify or die’ by Sherry Rogers that discusses how to detox from heavy metal poisoning via infra red saunas and supplements like r-alpha lipoic acid.

    • I will be praying for your family. God has definitely been leading you in the right direction! I believe good health should be like salvation; free and provided for from the foundation of the world! Genesis 1:29-30 attests to it! God bless.

  11. I am searching for more information on the Budwig Diet and by chance saw your Diary. I first had breast cancer 20 yrs. ago and then a reocurrence 5 yrs. ago. I’m curious about the HCG Cancer Test and may have to give it a try. For a LONG time, I have felt a little helpless in how to monitor my state of being “cancer free”. If one is cancer free, why are there reoccurrences? I have picked up information on that, but again, where am I? Thanks for your post on the HCG Cancer Test. Now all I have to do is find a local doctor who is open to more natural means of monitoring and healing…!

  12. I have been told I have a couple small lumps on my breast, and my OB wants me to do a mammogram, which I have refused. The ultra sound said everything looked good, but I want to find out if the lumps are cancer or not. You say the HCG urine test should not be used for diagnosis, but the article says the blood test is not very accurate. Is this a reference to the AMAS blood test?

    • Hi, chances are they are cysts.

      Google iodine , dr David Brownstein, Dr jorge flechas, The iodine crisis etc…

      Also, look at a book called ‘Dressed to kill’ about how bras can cause blockages in the lymphatic system leading to cystic breasts and possibly breast cancer.

  13. I’ve been off Lupron since Augest 2015, psa has now risen to 16, my urologist wants me to go bac on Lupron, me not so much. My last HCG test was 52.2 about 1 plus months ago. What. Should I do?

  14. Thanks, my husband just got informed that the lymphoma is back; B cell aggressive. He completed chemo in April this year, sort of scared into it not knowing really what else to do.Your info is VERY helpful for our next chapter.

    Thank you for taking the time to share,

    L, Gemma

  15. What kind of spoon do we use to stir the mixture, metal? Is it okay to use a metal lid while the mixture is in the refrigerator? Thanks!

  16. I am confused, it says we can send the specimen to IL? Is that right?

    Cashier Check or Postal Money Order , when using this option, please include a digital copy along with the specimen. Please pay and mail it to: Efren Navarro, 631 Peregrine Drive, Palatine IL 60067-7005 USA

  17. Hi
    My husband has prostate cancer will this testing work for him. He followed the directions but he gets up in the night around midnight, 2am, and then 6 or 7am . He used the 6am sample but didn’t get any sediment should he save all through the night and combine it to use as sample . thanks

  18. my question was removed yesterday I really would have liked a answer its very important to me
    My husband has prostrate cancer is this test any good for him. is midnight considered first morning
    or 2am or 6am because he used 6am and didn’t get any sediment p or should he combine it all together . if you don’t get any sediment should you refrigerate for at least 8 hours
    please reply gaby or email me the answer

  19. Hi Courtney,

    I’ve been on Bill Henderson program for 6 months, plus additional supplements for a thyroid nodule, suspected cancer. My first HCG result in Sept last year was 51.8, 5 months later it’s increased to 52.2. I am consulting Bill as to what to do. Have you ever come across this in your studies of the HCG test?

    Many thanks, Mandy

    • Hi Mandy,
      I was just wondering how you are progressing with your thyroid issue. I have recently been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and am using alternative methods to treat it. I haven’t done the HCG testing yet but am about to. I would really be interested to know if you were diagnosed with cancer and how you are doing.

      • Hi Dianne,

        My 22 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Papillary cancer too. We are treating naturally as well. How are you coming along?

  20. I tried to do the test 2 separate times and neither time did I have any sediment. I’m so discouraged because this test is the only one that is affordable. Do you have any idea what might be the problem. Thank you so much for your blog. You are sharing so much hope.



  21. Hi,

    Thank you so much for sharing information. I prepared my husband’s urine for the HCG test this morning. It has been six hours, but I see only a little bit of whitish substance floating in the urine. I wonder if I should keep the specimen in a refrigerator longer. Do you (or any of the readers) know what is the maximum length of time for letting the urine stand in a refrigerator?


  22. Thank you for the info. I am starting my own journey, and read this as well. I have read also that CRP C-reactive protein is becoming more and more, a good inexpensive blood test for Cancer screening and monitoring. It measures inflammation. I found a laboratory in south FL that does the HCG screening too, FYI. American Metabolic Laboratories. They have a website with great information as well. The founding doctor runs the lab and offers consultations. I am researching how I want to proceed with my own monitoring. Hope this finds you well.

  23. I watched my mother battle breast cancer for years. She was on chemotherapy most of the time and watching her waste away was awful. I vowed should I ever get a cancer diagnosis, I would not go through that. Well as it turns out, one year after she passed I was diagnosed with stage 2breast cancer. I did decide to have surgery, but other than that I have been treating my cancer with alternative methods and monitoring with HCG testing. I also have a few blood marker tests with the assistance of my GP, who has been supportive of my decision, and an alternative health care person who is a saint. Anyways, I am 6 years out since my initial diagnosis, and my HCG number never gets below 52.0. I don’t worry about it because as you have stated, I look at the pattern over the years, and with the supporting blood work testing (which are all in the normal range), feel that I am doing very well. I am glad to have this test available. I even had my husband do it once to check and his number was 49.

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have been enjoying and learning from your site for quite a while and my husband and I are now battling his colon cancer. God has been preparing the way!! He has been very receptive of my knowledge and this post I think is the final touch to see where we are going with this. We did the AMAS test but are very confused by the numbers and explanations. I think we are going to try to start tracking it with the Navarro test. I, too, am hesitant to follow up with more CT scans and MRIs. I feel like we are on the right track judging by his weight gain and how he is feeling (very different from everyone we know going through ‘traditional’ treatments!) Thank you for this clear post. It is extremely helpful. God bless you!

  25. What is the difference between this test and the urine test your doctor asks you to perform for a pregnancy test? I’m trying to figure out why you would send a test to the Philippines if a local lab can perform it. Are these tests different somehow?

  26. Hi there
    I have a question help please ,
    I will do the urine test tomorrow for papillary thyroid cancer and my doctor said no test in the world will show i have this kind of cancer except the biopsy which i have done and back positive .
    So is this test will work on this kind of cancer?
    and my sister has A benign tumor it works for her ? will back positive for benign cancer ?

    • Hi Sara, my understanding of the HCG test is that it will give you a trending number you can use to help advise you to whether your treatment plan is consistently working. I would also being doing other tests to look for indicators there also.

  27. I received my first HCG test result from Navarro Clinic, that showed positive result +4 51,4
    I don’t know what to think, because I never received positive diagnosis of cancer from my ENT Doctor, we decided to watch/monitor my tonsil.
    Now I am not sure, what if it not tonsil, but cancer somewhere else in body. I also have HPV, could that virus would show on HCG test?

    • Hi Alyona,

      We are on a similar boat
      I’ve been having very weird symptoms. Small swollen lymph nodes, cold extremities, bad circulation, etc. I knew something wrong was going on. Went to two hematologist oncologist who shrugged me off in JANUARY. I did the test b/c I was educated on it and wanted to debunk this “cancer” scare once and for all. Well, the test came back 51.8. I just tested again (with NO diagnosis still and making severe changes to diet and supplementation) and my test is now 52.2. So, do not just shrug it off. I have HPV too and abnormal cells in my cervix but those are not necessarily fast growing. and I have not read anything on that. So I wouldn’t hope on that. I wish you all of the best. Keep me posted if you can.

  28. Hi Cortney. I appreciate your info on HCG urine test. May i ask what is the effect of having taken hormones thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone to the results….do they tend to make results higher or lower?

  29. Cortney,

    I just mailed my wife’s sample to the Navarro Clinic using the paypal method of payment; however, what I noticed when I completed the paypal payment was a $2.34 Navarro Medical Clinic Fee which was subtracted from the $55.00 payment making the payment to the Medical Clinic, $52.66. Now, will the Clinic accept my payment that is short $2.34 and complete my test or will I need to forward that $2.34 shortage to the Clinic?

      • Thanks so much Cortney. I sent my wife’s sample in yesterday and will be sending my sample in when we get her test results back. My wife and I have not medical issues that we know of; however, four years ago we stopped eating processed foods and began eating “real” food. We also eat apricot kernels, we take B15, colloidal silver and liposomal C on a daily bases. Our meats are raised locally by a rancher who uses no GMO feed, antibiotics or hormones. We get our milk and eggs from a local dairy and our honey from a third generation bee keeper. I make my own kefir that we drink every day in our smoothies. We are not looking for an extension of life, just a quality of life.

        Thank you so much for what you are doing and God Bless you and your family and all that you do.

  30. May i know what is your plateau result now with your HCG? Pls notify me, once you answered. Thank u.

  31. Courtney
    my wife’s test scores are as follows
    52.2 (most recent)
    any thoughts on her progress

  32. Hi,

    My wife was diagnosed with Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney cancer). Most tests cannot detect this type of cancer. Will the HCG test detect it?

    Willem Jacobsz

    • Hi, I had 2 surgeries and 3rd re occurrence ( sarcoma)
      I started organic , 50 % raw diet, raw organic potato juice in the morning
      Essiac herbal extract, European Mistletoe drops , CanniMed (marijuana) oil for the night and acupuncture 3 times per week ( you have to have an expert! ) , plus Budwick cheese in the morning
      In 4 weeks I stopped the rapid grow of the tumors ( confirmed by scan and blood test) and now 8 weeks later the reversal process started !! I highly recomend all above, good luck to all anna

      • Hi Anna.
        Hope you are still on this site.
        Any chance of a complete breakdown of a weeks food intake. I have researched for 18 months and never get complete info from anyone. most are broad statements.
        Which marijuana oil did you take. THC or CBD or both.?
        Which raw foods etc.
        Hope u are there. I get really fed up sometimes with so much knowledge but no real clear outlines of a complete plan of action.

  33. Hi,
    Thanks so much for putting all of this information together! My husband and I both have a strong family history of cancer, and he himself is a testicular cancer survivor (9 years ago). We have begun the process of testing ourselves and our kids periodically using the Navarro clinic. My husband and I both just got our first results back. His is 51.8 and mine is 50.5. Since both are considered positive, I can’t help but be worried we both have cancer. We have three little girls, and I’m just numb. I’ve already known I would avoid traditional treatments if I ever had cancer, and use natural ones if possible, but as far as getting tested, I’m not sure where to turn now. I don’t want scans/radiation if there’s a better way first. I know you can’t exactly give medical advice, but any ideas on where to turn? Blood work? Re-do the test? (My husband was taking a whole-food multi at the time of the test which contained Vit D, which I didn’t know he was taking, and I know that can affect results. We also used plastic cups for urine collection but glass for sample prep, and I just read on your blog that you shouldn’t use plastic). Can these things lead to false positives? Thanks in advance for your help! I appreciate your time!

    • Hi Christine, that could lead to a false positive. If I were you I would keep on keeping on and use this as a catalyst for change. Do you have any other indicators there might be something going on? If not, I wouldn’t worry and would retest in 3 months. Just from hearing from readers, I don’t believe the “above 50” thing means you have cancer…it’s just a marker number that you can begin to monitor the TREND of the test alongside other testing or monitoring as well.

      • Hi Cortney,
        I just retested with Navarro. My test results last fall were 50.5. Now they are 51.8. So now I need to look into further testing to get more information. I’m not wanting any scans/radiation. Do you know of any other good tests to diagnose? I’ve heard of oncoblot and RGCC tests, but I’m not sure if there are others out there (those are expensive). Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi,
      I took the HCG Navarro test back on June 2016 and the results came back on the cancer side 51.4. After that I had a mammogram, thermography, MRI, C.E.A and CA 15-3 exams and they all came back normal. I eat very healthy (organic food, grass fed meat, gluten free, etc); I also exercise almost every day. I even followed a holistic cancer treatment protocol and re-took the HCG Navarro test a few weeks ago. The results came back worse (52.6). My best friend also took the HCG test and her results came back on the cancer side 52.6 but she is very healthy and has never been diagnosed with cancer. After the HCG test she also had a mammogram, thermography, etc and results were also normal. This makes me wonder about the accuracy of the test for some people.

      • Hello Anna, how old were you when you took the test. I too have a positive test, yet no diagnosis of cancer. Thanks!

  34. Are the dried sediments suppose to be powder-like or stain-like on the coffee paper? I’m asking because I’ve done this 3 times and it always comes out stain-like. Is this okay to submit for testing?

  35. Hi Courtney,
    Just came across your site and these very interesting comments and questions. My own experience may be useful to some of your readers.
    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June of 2011, biopsy and Gleason score of 6 in 2 quadrants. My family culture is one of conscious but not fanatic diet control and a distrust of medical treatment of chronic diseases. I was not too interested in the rush to treatment that the urologist recommended. A good friend of mine had a pretty good experience with a clinic in Germany where they applied a hyperthermia treatment (the principles behind that are interesting). I also learned from him about the hCG tests. I considered hyperthermia as a possible treatment, but as yet have not taken it.
    My PSA at that time was 5.18, not high really, but cause for investigation. PSA alone is a pretty shaky way to diagnose cancer. I obtained an hCG test kit from Joe Ball and sent a specimen to Navarro labs. Result was 52.6 which was on the positive side, but not alarming. Over the past 5 years, I have had annual checkups at the Oregon Science Health Univ. (not where my original diagnosis was made) and each time a DRE result was “nothing remarkable”.
    My PSAs since then have been 5.5, 3.7, 4.1, 5.13, 5.83, 6.58, and 8.04. That certainly has been an upward trend , but the urologist at OHSU says that considering my age (74), it is not too concerning. Over the same period, hCG results have been 52.6 three times in a row, 52.2 three times in a row, 51.8 and now 52.2 again. So according to the hCG results I am pretty stable.
    My approach to diet has been greater emphasis on fresh and raw fruits and veggies, avoidance of sugar and grains – particularly breads and pastries, most any packaged or fast food, a good multivitamin-multimineral, digestive enzymes and probiotics, Vit D and a suppliment called New Eden which is largely aloe and 11 other vital constituants developed by Dr. Reg McDaniels.
    Regarding the appearance of the specimen residue when preparing the sample, I have never seen any but a light, white “dusting” on the brown filter paper which the Joe Ball kit provides. Seems to be sufficient. Probably would not show at all on white paper. When mailing the specimen, simply declare it as a document with no value. That’s legit because the specimen has been completely sterilized by the acetone/alcohol mixture and is completely dry. The Navarro instructions suggest this approach. If you pay through PayPal, be sure to specify US dollars, not Philippine currency. The instructions are clear on that. Just be sure you do.
    I hope this is useful info. By all means read Ty Bollinger’s books, G. Edward Griffith’s World Without Cancer, Bill Henderson’s works and goggle Dr. Reg McDaniels. God bless you all.

    • Hi Rick, …Sounds like you are doing very well!
      Re: PSA – Years ago I learned by accident that higher PSA numbers would naturally occur with an enlarged prostate, as I had. Apparently the PSA number tends to be proportional to the prostate volume! So a normal prostate [walnut sized] would expect a normal PSA under 4.0 …But an enlarged prostate [small orange size] could easily have a normal PSA of 12 to 20
      …BTW: I’m 79 and doing well with the Budwig Protocol in taming Leukemia.

  36. Courtney
    my wife’s monthly hcg scores are as follows
    53, 52.6, 52.6, 52.2, 52.2, 52.2
    we went on vacation in sept and got off of budwig for’
    2 weeks. the score changed to 52.6. we got back on
    budwig and other programs and score went back to 52.2.
    Nov 1st we started CBD oil and her current reading
    just dropped to 51.8 (something is working she has brain cancer)
    Thanks God

    (most recent)
    any thoughts on her progress

  37. I took the HCG Navarro test back on June 2016 and the results came back on the cancer side 51.4. After that I had a mammogram, thermography, MRI, C.E.A and CA 15-3 exams and they all came back normal. I eat very healthy (organic food, grass fed meat, gluten free, etc); I also exercise almost every day. I even followed a holistic cancer treatment protocol and re-took the HCG Navarro test a few weeks ago. The results came back worse (52.6). My best friend also took the HCG test and her results came back on the cancer side 52.6 but she is very healthy and has never been diagnosed with cancer. After the HCG test she also had a mammogram, thermography, etc and results were also normal. This makes me wonder about the accuracy of the test for some people.

  38. Hi Courtney,
    It looks like my post about my HCG test experience is awaiting moderation. Is there any additional information you need from me? Do you need me to email you my HCG test results? I appreciate all the information you provide about the HCG Navarro test and I was hoping this test was more reliable. Do you know that an Index 4 is consider “Faintly Positive” according to Dr. Navarro’s chart? Do you know that Int.Units from 50 to 400 fall into the “Faintly Positive” category? To me, there is a big difference between a 52 unit and a 400 unit; so if someone gets 52 on their test result, in my opinion they should not worry too much about it. I think that it is important to share this information because there might be more individuals that are in the same situation as my friend and me and I don’t want them to panic thinking that they have cancer. I think worrying about it might cause cancer so it is imperative that they seek different tests to confirm. FYI, Int. Units from 401 – 999 is interpreted as “Definitely Positive”. I have the chart Dr. Navarro emailed me if you are interested in it. Please feel free to email me directly.

    Thank you,
    Anna Grover

    • I am hearing this from more and more people…I still stand that Navarro is a great and affordable way to get a general idea of how your cancer is behaving IF you have been diagnosed through other diagnostics (like circulating tumor cell counts, CT or PET, etc.) For me it has been very accurate but I am suspicious it is affected by other hormones, especially in females with hormonal imbalances. I want to blog about what I’ve learned, but until then, go with your gut and choose a different or additional tests if needed. -Cortney 🙂

  39. I received the Navarro HCG specimen instructions info sheet from my Osteopath PA. One of the precautions at the bottom says, “Before collecting the urine sample, make sure that there is NO sexual contact for 12 days for Female patients, 48 hours for Male”.
    I don’t see this on these online instructions. How important is this?
    If its a pregnancy precaution you should know I am 63 years old and post menopausal.
    Thank you

    • It is the hcG in the semen I believe that is the problem? It hangs around for days and can affect the score. Not sure why the length of time. I think you COULD use a condom though as long as no leakage.

  40. Hi there

    I’m wondering if anyone has successfully transitioned to HCG of 49 or below from an initial result of 50-something?

    I welcome your response.
    Thank you

  41. Can I take the test if I have never been diagnosed with cancer or suspect that I have it? It looks like it would be a good preventitve.

  42. Hello.My name is Evgeny.My dear wife Natalia has breast cancer with mts in scelet .We had 2years ago mastectomy,several cources chemytherapy….Could you recomend us protocol of treatment?
    Thank you
    Natalia and Evgeny

  43. Hi Courtney. Your article was very helpful and encouraging to me. I have been healing holistically from bladder cancer and monitoring my progress with the novarro test. In two years it has gone from 53 to 51 but I was getting discouraged since I keep waiting for the “under 50” cancer free number. It was encouraging when you said that some people plateau in the low 50’s. That gives me hope that all is well!😃

  44. I didn’t see an answer to another woman’s question about taking HCG. I took it years ago to lose weight. Both injections and drops. Have Endometrial cancer. Have you seen or read about any connection?

  45. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, 2015, by mammography, that I regret. Then had a biopsy, regretting that even more. Went through alternative treatment, no chemo, no radiation, no any “tomy”. Got rid of 11 root canal treated teeth… (Info from Dr Hal Huggins and Dr Weston Price). Monitoring my improvement by the Navarro HCG test from the time of finishing alternative treatment in Utopia. My HCG numbers went down gradually from 53.00 to 51.4. Living on nutritional balancing diet, absolutely no sugar, juicing, especially carrot juice, doing coffee enemas weekly, sleeping at least 9 hours, 1 hour afternoon map, and exercising. Speaking God’s will and promises from the Word of God over my life and body, and praying in the Holy Spirit. Feeling great, when I am doing all of these consistently! Believing God for a full restoration. Most importantly: No fear! God is greater than any sickness!

  46. Hi. Very interesting and thank you for your time investigating this procedure.
    I am about to write to Dr E Navarro again after two tests. both give a reading of 52.2. No change. My PSA is around 9.2. Both borderline.
    My area of concern is the prostate.
    My question is, does the HCG test include prostate specific antigen in its results.?
    I.E. If my PSA went up, would the HCG test go up.?
    If it went down would the HCG test go down.?
    Any answers gratefully accepted.
    Thank you
    Kenneth Ridgeway

  47. I’m curious why home pregnancy tests which have a sensitivity of anywhere from 25-50 mIU wouldn’t be giving more false positives when someone has cancer but doesn’t know it and tests for pregnancy? I’ve read about a case of testicular cancer showing up on a home pregnancy test, but if hCG is present for all cancers and the marker is 50 and above per Dr. Navarro, why home pregnancy tests couldn’t be used to determine if one has cancer, especially in advanced stages?

  48. I collected and mixed my specimen this morning but the post office said there will be no pick up until tomorrow at almost 12p. Do you know if I can leave it that long without sending it out? I’m thinking of drying it tonight and bringing to po in the morning. The only reason I am waiting longer is bc the first time I tried it, I poured into filter after 7 hrs and no sediments formed. Only a paste that melted right into coffee filter. I followed instructions to a t. Thanks for you’re input!

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