25 Healthy Ways to Help Someone With Cancer

If you have ever known someone with cancer or another serious illness, then you’ve probably offered up the words, “Let me know if I can do anything to help!” It’s well meaning and generous, but it often doesn’t happen. Here’s why.

People going through hard times usually WON’T follow up for help.

Your loved one with cancer is overwhelmed. They are hearing way too much information and are busy with more doctor visits than ever. Add to that: having to make some very serious decisions regarding their treatment.

If they are of the people pleasing kind (like myself,) then they also may not want to inconvenience anyone. They might think that someone is only offering to be polite (or just don’t know what else to say!)

If they are choosing a more holistic, natural, or integrative route, then they are busy independently researching, drastically changing their diet and lifestyle, and might even be traveling out of the country for the best care.

They may believe that their choice is too different or that people won’t know the unique tasks, food preparation, etc. that comes with a more unconventional treatment plan. OR worst yet- concerned visitors may bring some negative energy or disagree with their treatment options.

This is why you JUST HELP and with absolutely no agenda.


“Let Me Know How I Can Help”


Don’t wait for them to ask for it. Just help. Give them IDEAS for how you can help and they will be more likely to take your offer.

If you know them well enough and are just dropping something helpful off, then just show up. Don’t wait for permission. And let them know ahead of time that you’re not going to stay for long. This will help if they just aren’t up for a visit yet and leaves the ball in their court to invite you to stay longer if they would like company.

A quick note: The list below are healthy or helpful ways to offer support for your loved ones. Some of these options may be a bit extreme for them if they are not used to eating healthy or thinking outside the box when it comes to their health. Take this into consideration when deciding how to help, as you know your loved one best. 🙂


25 Healthy Ways to Help Someone

With Cancer


  1. Just visit and LISTEN. Tell them that they are AMAZING. Bring something that will uplift them and just BE there for them.
  2. Make them a Healthy Options Gift Basket. You can pack various healthy supplements, green tea, organic or natural homemade lotion and deodorant, shampoos, face wash, etc.
  3. Pray for them and give them a healing devotional with scripture. One of my favorite is Jesus Today because it is written for those in a season of healing.
  4. Buy them the Square One Healing Cancer Coaching Program, which teaches how to live an anti-cancer lifestyle and how to aid the body in its innate healing abilities.
  5. Clean their house or hire someone to clean with nontoxic cleaners.
  6. Teach them how to make the 5 Cancer Fighting Juices.
  7. Or the Anti-Cancer Lunch Smoothie.
  8. Go grocery shopping weekly for them using this anti-cancer grocery list.
  9. Set up a weekly grocery rotation for them.
  10. If they’re on a healing diet, they will be eating a TON of vegetables. Chop Vegetables for them. Make them smoothie bags to just dump in their blender. Do it weekly or twice a week and store it in airtight containers for them.
  11. Set up a weekly vegetable chopping or meal preparation volunteer rotation for them with their group of friends.
  12. If they have children, watch their kids for them. Tell them to go out for a movie or do something they enjoy to get their minds off of cancer stuff.
  13. Set up a babysitting rotation for volunteers to watch their kids while they go to doctors’ appointments or therapy sessions.
  14. Tell them you want to fold their laundry. If underwear is an issue, tell them to leave that in a separate basket and you will fold the rest.
  15. Buy them glass storage containers so they can bring their healthy meals with them and live a normal life on their healthy diet.
  16. Buy them a juicer or a salad chopper (this could be a group gift, too!)
  17. Pay for them to go on a healing retreat.
  18. Buy them or loan them a Vitamix and teach them how to use it if they don’t know how amazing it is yet!
  19. Juice wheatgrass for them or buy them a wheatgrass juicer that can also be used to juice all veggies and fruits.
  20. Give a monthly donation. Keep it up for as many months as you can. You can even make it for something specific, like “this is for you to get a massage every month,” or “this is for you to get a pedicure or go see a movie to get your mind off things.”
  21. Set up a Meal Train and specify for healthy, organic options only. You can even do this online at MealTrain.com or TakeThemaMeal.com.
  22. Buy them Gift Cards to the grocery store for organic produce, supplements, etc. Some ideas would be Whole Foods, Sprouts, EarthFare, or their local health food store.
  23. Donate your organically grown produce to them.
  24. Buy them a rebounder , teach them how to use it and explain the science.
  25. If you have beach or lake house, loan it to them to retreat for stress relief. Make it special for when they get there. 🙂

**And a BONUS #26**: Visit a local HealingStrong natural healing support group in your area with them or buy them a HealingStrong essential oil diffuser along with some lavender or peppermint essential oil. (100% of the proceeds benefits HealingStrong, a holistic cancer non-profit who works to grow natural healing support groups all around the world.)

What about you guys? I’m sure you have wonderful ideas. I’d love for you to share them in the comments below!


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  1. Don’t forget to send a card! I lined mine up on top of the dresser and it was so nice to think about all the people who cared for me as I was recovering from breast cancer surgery.

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