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What I would have done for a list of natural cancer survivors or natural cancer groups in my area when I was diagnosed with cancer! Hearing the stories of those who healed before me such as Kris Carr and Chris Wark was so encouraging to me as I was working to heal from my own cancer.

Here is a list of consistently updated options for ways to connect with like-minded healers and cancer thrivers all around the world, both online and in person.


Holistic/ Natural Cancer Survivors

Ovarian Cancer Survivor Evita Ramparte

List of Various Natural Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Stories (12-Part Series!)

My Favorite Site for Natural Cancer Survivor Testimonies Natural Cancer Survivor Stories


Holistic/ Natural Support and Community

HealingStrong Groups News and Truth About Cancer Replay

Updated 2016: List of Holistic and Alternative Online Cancer Support Groups 

Online Alternative Cancer Support and Community Groups

My Tour and Review of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida

HealingStrong: AMAZING Holistic Cancer Non-Profit Resource

HealingStrong on Natural News Radio

A HealingStrong Miracle and My Cancer Story in Natural Awakenings Magazine

2013 HealingStrong Conference and Retreat in Pictures


And just to emphasize how important it is to “arm yourself with survivor stories”, here’s an excerpt from a blog post I wrote in 2011:

Arm Yourself with Survivor Stories. When I finally agreed with my husband to try my holistic protocol for 3 months, it had a lot to do with the confidence built from reading survivor stories. There were two in particular that really influenced me. One is Kris Carr of “Crazy Sexy Cancer” fame. She chose to live with a rare, Stage IV, incurable vascular (lung/liver) cancer rather than undergo the treatments the doctors offered her. She thrives on an all raw, vegan diet and has done many other alternative protocols to keep her cancer stable for 8 years now. The other survivor was Jerry Brunetti who had Stage III Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was told to do the same chemotherapy my first oncologist suggested to me or he would die. He has been in remission for 12 years now from nutritional and detoxification protocols… (Jerry has since passed but lived many years cancer-free and much longer than the prognosis given to him by his doctor.)

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