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6 thoughts on “Obamacare Alternatives

  1. Cortney:

    I have been making the Organic Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil for breakfast for the past month adding it to the Bill Henderson regimen. I am always a bit leery about eating it as it contains dairy and as you know, dairy is acid forming. Also, as you know, cancer thrives in an acid environment and the ideal situation is to alkalize using green drinks, etc. Therefore, it might seem to some that it is contradictive to advise people to alkalize, while at the same time recommending cottage cheese. Can you explain why the cottage cheese in the Budwig mixture is not harmful to a person that has been diagnosed with Kanser (I’m with you. I don’t like to spell it correctly or even use the word).

  2. I have medicaid and cannot afford the cost of the program. can advise on christian healthcare share ministries

  3. Hi. Thanks for writing this blog. I am experiencing symptoms associated with Hodgkins. I have four young kids. I’m considerably less frightened now. My oldest daughter, 13, is very interested in natural healing and herbal medicine and natural childbirth. We currently live in Mexico. We may move back. It was the vaccine mandates and the insurance mandates that drove us out. Are you sitting in your own garden in the picture?