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9 thoughts on “Supplements

  1. I would like to know your daily supplement regiment. When I click on the supplements I took daily nothing populates with the information. Any information you provide will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Shalisha!

      I’m having some problems with my links getting crossed and not being able to access the post with all of the supplements on it. I’ll copy and paste it and email it to you. 🙂

  2. Hi Cortney,

    Thank you for this blog. It has been very helpful. I am too in BHP protocol and i do want to ask if you ever experience an esophagus irritation due to the number pills everyday? Do you have any recommendations to solve this? Thank you very much.

  3. Ms. Courtney, you have a beautiful testimony!!! Thank God for your story!!! It is very encouraging!!! God bless you and family real good!!! He has done that!!!! Smiles