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7 thoughts on “Testing

  1. Are you familiar with the testingcancer.com website? They say their HCG urine test is more accurate than Navarro. Curious what you think? Helping my Mom battle stage IV breast cancer and want to start using some blood/urine tests for monitoring outside of her oncologist.

  2. Can you provide copies of Dr. Szabo’s diagnose of cancer, and his report that you are in remission. I think it would be helpful and encouraging for all to see. Also, if Dr. Szabo has any explanation of the turnaround, that would also help.

  3. Hi, I am trying to do self healing for my cancer, how would I track or check if my cancer is gone. My oncologists does not support self healing so I dont feel confident going to him to see if I reached remission status. Any info of who has done that would be helpful. Thank you.