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9 thoughts on “Emotional/ Spiritual

  1. I have been diagnosed with stage T2a prostate cancer in July of 2015. At that time, my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen level was 4.4, which is .4 points above the high normal range of 0 to 4.0. After six months of dieting, juicing, food supplements and herbs, my PSA has gone down to 4.1, just .1 point above the high end of normal. I was told that dairy is not a good thing for a cancer patient to consume but your newsletter indicates that you ate CCFO for quite a while during your healing process. Do you feel cottage cheese (dairy products in general) counter the cancer healing process or is your school of thought different on the consuming of dairy when cancer is present? Thanks.

  2. Hi I am 51 yrs old. I have bipolar disorder for over 25 yrs. i’ve been on so many different medications I can’t even count them. The older I get the worse i feel. I aslo suffer from migraines, and recently been having seizures. My memory is incredibly deteriating by day. I’m affraid I might have alzheimer. Please help I have a 14 yr daughter that needs me and 2 grandchildren I take care. I feel like I’m slowly dying.

  3. I have experienced that every physical dis-ease has an emotional root attached to it. Unless you identify, deal with and release this emotional root (often there is more than one) = it will continue to live in your body creating imbalance, inflammation and the inability to heal completely. This is often why dis-eases re-occur.
    I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, a Naturopath, a Healing Strong group leader and a Spiritual Mentor. I quickly and easily help people uncover trapped negative emotional roots, deal with them and release them. This can be done over the phone (I like to use Skype so we can see each other). I offer a free 30 minute session to anyone interested and would be honored to help you in your healing journey.

  4. Is this group still active. I see the date for the conference above lists date as 2013. I am interested in being involved in a support group with people who choose to treat cancer naturally. We are a different group of people that do not want to use conventional chemo, radiation and surgery. People look at me like I must be from another planet not to listen to oncologists. I have used immune boosting IV’s for many months, and other protocols. The cancer is coming out.

    I am new to Prescott Valley and need to make some friends. I hope to find a group that supports me in natural means of healing. Thank you! Sherri