My 6 Year Experience with the HCG Cancer Test


If you are not quite sure of what the hCG Cancer Test is, you’ll definitely want to read my first post in this series where I explain WHAT the test is, HOW it works, and WHY I chose to monitor my cancer with it instead of using conventional imaging technology such as CT/PET scans. Although, I am definitely not an expert or a doctor, I do have lots of experience with taking this test!



***New test results updated on 01/12/15***

7 years post-natural-cancer-treatment, I am still using the hCG Test to monitor my progress. Even though I know that a PET/CT scan would confirm with imaging technology that my cancer is visually “gone,” I have a bit of a phobia of messing with my body chemistry and radiation levels.

The fact is that CT scans pump hundreds of X-rays worth of radiation into your body that never sheds, and PET scans pulse ionized radiation into the body along with using radioactive sugar to help mark any cancer.

I am thankful for my current health and don’t want to do anything harmful if there are alternative tests that will avoid radiation.

It is also true that PET/CT scans can only see cancer activity that is clustered (i.e. a tumor.) They cannot see cancer at a microscopic or systemic level. It basically tells you where you have tumors in places you may or may not be able to FEEL the tumor, but it does not report on your body’s internal chemistry.

Since my original tumors were both palpable and near the surface level of my skin (and usually this is the case for lymphomas,) this is another reason while I have felt at peace with bypassing a second scan to confirm remission.

It also helps that my oncologist has educated me on what to look out for as a recurrence in my cancer or what has been seen to develop as secondary cancers in my subtype of Hodgkin lymphoma (sudden swelling of lymph nodes in the neck and armpits, fatigue, easy bruising, and night sweats.)



What I really like about the Navarro hCG Test is that you can test frequently without any harm done to the body. This is especially important when you choose to heal from cancer naturally. It is advised you test every 6-8 weeks to stay aware of how your cancer is reacting to your treatment. If your hCG test numbers go up (even by tenths,) you will want to add to or change your cancer protocol in order to better address your cancer.( has excellent resources for how to adjust natural cancer protocols and make them stronger.)

I was only able to stay with this schedule for my first two tests (which you’ll see below) but because I found out I was pregnant just before I was supposed to submit my 3rd test, I was unable to adhere to this schedule. (Since pregnancy produces the hormone hCG, it will disrupt the results of the cancer test.) I had a miscarriage and third pregnancy between the 3rd and 4th tests. I had another pregnancy between tests 4 and 5.

1st Test: 11/22/08   Score: 53.0 Index +4

2nd Test: 01/24/09   Score: 52.2 Index +4

3rd Test:  04/29/11   Score: 51.4 Index +4

4th Test:  05/07/14   Score  51.4 Index+4

5th Test: 05/04/15   Score  50.5  Index +4  (Updated since original post)

6th Test: 11/16/15     Score  50.5  Index +4  (Updated since original post)

The number in the 50’s above is my hCG number. Ideally I need it to drop below 50 to confirm my hCG amount is typical of someone who does not have active cancer. The “Index +4 means that it is probable that my hCG number means I am in the positive range for cancer. What’s most important here though, is that my number is not going up. Notice how much of a journey this is? I am looking for improvement above all else, no matter how long it takes.

(01/2016 Update: Since writing this post my hcG number dropped again to 50.5, thankfully not increasing, but plateauing again and still in the “most likely positive for cancer” range. This is a perfect example of how healing from cancer is a journey and not a magical destination where cancer is “gone.” I still have some work to do, 7 years after my diagnosis and even though my oncologist declared “clinical remission” status 7 years ago, I still possibly detectable (although most likely minimal) cancer activity.)


Plateauing hcG Numbers

I did some research on my “plateauing” hCG number between tests 3 and 4, (and subsequent tests) especially with 3 years between tests. This is what Webster Kehr from says:

“The amount of HCG in your body does not automatically decrease as the number of cancer cells decrease. This is critical to understand.

For example, I know of one case where the patient used superb alternative cancer treatments for several months, but her Navarro was still reading 52. Then, for four more months she used even more outstanding alternative cancer treatments. I can assure the reader this person did not have a single cancer cell in her body. However, her Navarro score still read 52.

The reason is that when you cure cancer, and get rid of the cancer cells, the body does not automatically flush HCG out of the system. This is a problem for all cancer patients, but it is a special problem for those who use treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells (e.g. frequency generators). This is because the cancer cells remain in the body (and there may be HCG molecules stuck on the outside of the cells), however, they have reverted into normal cells.

Thus, there may be no cancer cells in the body, but there may be a considerable amount of HCG molecules in the body.”


I would love if Mr. Kehr’s explanation explained my case! I’m assuming I’ve have had the same hCG number for 3 years, but due to multiple pregnancies was unable to test during the time in between.


Because I needed more information, I also emailed Dr. Navarro and he had this to say:

That the reading is low seems to coincide with the clinical situation of remission where the HCG is low and yet still positive. It will be nice to bring down the result even lower. Perhaps adjustments in your regimen will even help bring this down further..

With kind regards,

EFNavarro, MD


What Dr. Navarro is saying here is that my hCG score is consistent with my status of remission being “clinical,” meaning complete absence of symptoms and tumor bulk. That my hCG number is still considered positive could mean I have some residual cancer activity going on that isn’t enough to be alarming or to form into a tumor. I’m mainly happy that in 3 years my numbers haven’t gone up.

With the hCG test, I am primarily looking for my results to stay the same or go down. If I indeed have plateaued like Mr. Kehr has stated, then my numbers should stay the same every time I take the test, so we’ll see how that goes with additional testing in the future.



I mentioned in my first post that I remained skeptical for years of the HCG Tests I was taking. Being skeptical of anyone involved in the alternative cancer world (especially at first,) I was more sensitive to anything I took as “fishy.” So here are a bit of my “fishy” suspicions and the result of my investigation.



When I took my first HCG Test in 2008, my husband also took one with me. Mine was in the positive range (53.0), but shockingly enough, HIS was 49.8, crazy close to “50” which is the red zone for detectable cancer. How could we be so close in our score?

I emailed Dr. Navarro about this. Here’s the exchange:

Dr. Navarro,

Is my score, 53.0 an indication of a lower grade of cancer? For instance, what is the difference in a score of 49 verses 53? My husband, Kevin had a score of 49.8. Does that mean he has a higher amount of cancer in his body, just not enough to be considered, “cancer in need of treatment?”

Also, what is the highest number that you can score, or what would be considered a “high number?” Take your time in responding. I know you must be very busy!


Dear Cortney,

The cut off number is that 50 and above indicates abnormal hcg production. Anything below 50 IU is rendered as essentially negative. Assuming that someone with cancer finally has a reading below 50, say 45 IU, it is possible that the cancer may be still there but the degree of activity is less .

Levels can go as high as 10,000 IU in testicular cancer and special uterine cancer(H mole and choriocarcinoma). However, most cancers fall anywhere from 50 to 80 or 90 IU.

Best regards,



My mistake here was trying to “measure” my cancer, not just using the HCG test as a trending test. That is where it is best used, in seeing increase/decrease of HCG, not in how severe my cancer is. Over years of testing, Dr. Navarro concluded that the number “50” has been shown to be a clear indicator of likely cancer activity, whereas any number below that shows no activity.



Another issue that has bothered me over the years, is learning the HCG test results of readers of my blog who also have cancer, but in varying severity. Our test results were almost all identical the first time we tested. This seemed fishy to me, so I emailed Dr. Navarro’s clinic.


Hi Dr. Navarro and Staff,

My name is Cortney Campbell and I’ve been using your HcG test to monitor my cancer for the past almost 6 years. Currently, I am writing a blog post about the HcG Test for my blog on natural cancer treatment and therapies (

I have a few question about the HcG test so I can teach my readers about how the test works and my process of using the test for my own monitoring.

Any general information beyond what is on your website would be much appreciated.

Also- I have a lingering curiosity over something I observed:

***I have referred many people to your test and have gone over and encouraged them throughout their HcG scores and cancer decisions. I have wondered why our scores have been so similar but our cancers extremely different? For example, a woman with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, another woman with Stage 1 localized breast cancer, and myself with Stage 2 indolent lymphoma all had scores at 53.0 Index +4. Can you explain this further?

I very much appreciate the time you may take in answering my questions!

Cortney Campbell


Dear Cortney,

Similarities may occur with regards to scores but I think that it is best to compare one’s score with one’s own previous reading and the test can be best appreciated this way rather than comparing the score with another patient.

One may be surprised to have same results but with different stages of cancer. One factor that may do this is the renal factor or the kidney factor. Kidneys of various individuals process the HCG differently. Some process it well , others do not.

Another factor is the presence or absence of inflammatory factors , that is, if there is inflammation, fluid from the inflammation accumulates and can dilute the reading. Thus one with stage 1 disease may read 52.2 IU while another with stage IV cancer will also have the same score. The one with low stage disease produces lower amounts of HCG whereas the high stage disease produces HCG but gets diluted and resulting in a low number. One sees this especially if the cancer terminal in nature and as my late father would tell me, this indicates a very weak immune system.

With kind regards,


Dr. Navarro


I am so thankful that Dr. Navarro took the time to explain this because it was a huge concern of mine in how accurate the test is. Once again this confirms that when using this test, we should only be looking at the trend of numbers and not the “under or over 50” rule that is presented when you first learn about the test.



There has been accusations by Dr. Emil K. Schandl, a doctor in Hollywood, FL about the reliability of Dr. Navarro’s hCG test. He claims that Dr. Navarro’s test is not consistent in its results. Dr. Schandl sells his own hCG test which is more extensive but requires a prescription (which his daughter, an MD will write for a fee) and the test costs well over $400.

Last year, Bill Henderson commented wisely about this debate and you should definitely read his take on it. This quote was what comforted me in my decision to continue with Dr. Navarro’s test:

“I have been referring my readers and coaching clients to Dr. Navarro’s “lab” for his HCG Urine Test for about 10 years.  I first learned of him from Ruth Sackman, who had been helping people with natural cancer healing for many more years than I have. 

Over those 10 years, most of the hundreds of test results I’ve heard about from you folks [and the ones I’ve done myself] have been quite credible and useful.  They have helped many of you answer the question, [the only one you need answered if you have cancer] “Is what I’m doing working?”  Dr. Garcia agrees with me.  Certainly, the price at $55 and the lack of the need for a doctor’s prescription have made the Navarro test very attractive.”

Read the entire article HERE.



If I was diagnosed with cancer today, I would still use the HCG cancer test to aid in monitoring my cancer. It is affordable, simple, and accurate if used as a trending indicator. If I had additional finances, I would also research and use another of the tests mentioned at the bottom of this post, which I hear are reputable.

Surprisingly maybe, I would also still get the INITIAL CT/PET Scan upon diagnosis for staging purposes. Having one done after my initial positive biopsy in 2008 put my imagination of  having “cancer all over” at ease. Although, many supporters of alternative/ natural cancer therapies may not agree with the use of a CT/PET, I found it to be helpful at calming me down emotionally- which of course is also a part of healing from cancer. You will have to make the call for your individual personality.

I’d love to hear your comments and questions below!




CAPRofile (Dr. Schandl’s test)

AMAS test


EXTENSIVE list of alternative cancer tests from


86 thoughts on “My 6 Year Experience with the HCG Cancer Test

  1. Hi Courtney,
    Thank you for your wonderful blog. You’ve been a great encouragement to me.
    I am wondering if you know anything about using this test for patients who use thyroid hormone replacement therapy. I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer two years ago, and before I knew about natural ways of healing cancer I had my thyroid removed. I am now on natural hormone replacement (Nature Throid) and I’ve been following the Bill Henderson Protocol for almost two years. I never took this Hcg test because I remember reading on the Dr. Navarro’s website that thyroid hormone can interfere with the test. Do you know anything about this? Also, do you know of any alternative tests I could take?
    Thank you very much. Feel free to email me if this question is too specific for the blog.
    All the best,

    • Hi Petra,
      Our stories are the same, same type of cancer and removed thyroid with taking hormone every day. I wrote dr. Navarro about this. He told me that in my case is ok if I stop my tablet for just one day. That will be ok for test and I will be ok with that. He doesn’t recommend more then one day stop because different symptoms that can occur. I hope that I help you with this. Regards,

  2. Hi Courtney, Great to make contact with you and I and my team would really love it if you went on the site and registered, posted (or just had a look…)- this venture which is only just over a year old is now getting over 15 1/2K hits a month- lots re green juice on the site plus loads more great ideas for having a vibrant life post cancer diagnosis –you could add your own links to this-the site sells nothing except self-empowerment and is a 1 stop shop for Body, Mind and Spirit with an international reach-join us? Regards from me and the cansurviving team, Dr Judith Edwards

  3. Hi Courtney,

    I am wondering if you can tell us more about vitamin D interfering with HCG test results. It is the first time I have read this and it would be helpful to know more.
    Thank you.
    All the best,

    • Hi Mary, I wish I could tell you more other than the fact that Dr. Navarro tells us not to on his website. I’m not quite sure why this is the case. It only involves limiting Vit D intake for the day leading up to the test and the morning of.

      • Vitamin D is actually a hormone. It is called cholocalciferol. Why is it called a Vitamin? Well, in the early 1900’s when it was first discovered only Vitamins A, B and C had been documented. The discovered elected to call this one Vitamin D and it stuck. Dr. Navarro suggests eliminating it in the 3 days or so before we do the urine test for his HCG test score because he is also measuring a hormone (HCG) and he feels it might interfere.


  4. Hi Courtney,

    I just prepared the sample for HCG test today and the residue looks more white than yellow. Is that ok? I am planning to send it through mail tomorrow.Please let me know.

  5. Hi Courtney,
    I did the HCG cancer test to find out if I had cancer in my body. I have been having all sorts of different symptoms, but haven’t been diagnosed with anything. My number came out just like your husbands 49.8, and has me extremely nervous. I know you e-mailed Dr. Navarro about this result and he says this is “essentially negative”, but I would have felt much better with a lower number and just don’t know what to make of it. How is your husband doing, has he redone the test? I am going to redo my test to see if that number goes up or down…how did your husband feel about it?

    • He’s fine and didn’t retest after that. Dr. Navarro is very clear that statistically, under 50 is FINE. No cancer. You’re fine. Eat healthy, be happy, and get lots of rest. Be grateful for that 49.8 and make changes if you’re nervous. 🙂

  6. Hi Courtney,

    I am a stage 4 breast cancer metastatic , it’s a recurrence in 2014 March, I started with chemotherapy and then stopped, and started Bill Henderson Protocol, during that time I tested my HCG test which came to 53.00 IU + 4 index, later after 8 weeks I again did a test and my test came to 52.8 IU +4 index , so what ever I was doing was working for me, but suddenly I got jaundice, and was unable to eat, so in October 2014 I started again with chemotherapy, as there was a tumor in my dueodum, I am still on chemotherapy and wanted to know that can I still do the HCG Test.
    You can email me on my ID mentioned also I am more keen on doing alternative medicine but don’t know which works best.
    Please guide me.
    Thanks and regards
    Jignasa Mistry

  7. The link associated with this: “EXTENSIVE list of alternative cancer tests from” does not work.


  8. Hello Cortney!
    Thank you for you wonderful blog!!
    I have a question for you. Does your latest HCG test tell you still have cancer in your body? But I was under impression you are in remission right now. What are your thoughts and actions regarding the latest test results? Thank you!

    • Hi Margarita- I have been in clinical remission (absence of all tumor bulk and symptoms) for over 6 years. MY hcG has consistently dropped over the last 7 years, so I’m not too worried! Statistically though, Dr. Navarro found that those without active cancer had under a “50.”

      • I am wondering if you could elaborate on how you found out that you are in clinical remission. What test did you do?

        Thank you for the great article. I wish I would have found it earlier, as I stressed out a few time when my index would lower just a bit.

        August 2014, 58.0
        November 2014, 53.0
        February 2015, 52.6
        July 2015, 52.2

        It is time for another one:)

        • Hi Mariana, my oncologist uses basic blood paneling and physical examinations. My cancer type is very indolent and is typically treated as a chronic lymphoma…so it’s monitored a bit differently than more aggressive types.

  9. I have just received the result of my first Navarro test. It is 51.4iu, so is given as ‘positive.’ I didn’t expect a positive result and now feel, like you, that I should test my family members to see what their results might be to see if they differ from mine as your husband’s did. I’m a little confused as to how to proceed as I have not got a diagnosis of cancer but I have suffered for 15 and a half years from very severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E). As M.E is not taken at all seriously in the UK and is treated as a psychological disorder, I wanted to do the Navarro test in order to check for cancer as my GPs seem to be allergic to listening! If I presented this result to my GP, would they take it seriously or do they generally disregard the HCG urine test? I’m a little worried about this result as it can’t give me any indication about where the cancer is in my body. Do you have any advice going forwards – do you think I should perhaps follow this up with a HCG blood test? I don’t want to give my GPs any ammunition for thinking I’m a hypochondriac if I present them with this test and result if they’re just going to think it’s bogus.

    • GP’s defintely would disregard this test. It isn’t standard protocol in Western countries whatsoever. If I were you, I would test again in 8 weeks. Have you made any diet changes? My advice: stop flipping out and DO SOMETHING. Empower yourself by changing your diet and lifestyle. Worry will do nothing positive for your health. Making changes will empower you and the veggies and fruits will make your physically feel better.

  10. Hi Cortney,

    I’m a prostate cancer survivor who opted for hyperthermia treatment in Germany in 2012 followed by complete androgen blockade for eight months. I’m essentially on active surveillance now, so I thought I would try Dr. Navarro’s HCG test. My results came back yesterday, and I’m at 52.2. Now I must confess I’m sharing your skepticism about the HCG test. I re-read your posts about it, and I have to say you seem to twist yourself into a pretzel to justify it. Although you’re confident your cancer is gone (and, of course, I genuinely hope that that’s the case), your HCG test is still over 50. Do you really, really believe there’s anything to it? Like you, I want to avoid another biopsy — or other toxic diagnostic tests. (Fortunately, my urologist isn’t rushing to do a biopsy either.) I’m looking for a non-invasive test that I can rely on. But now I’m doubting if this is it. Would love your thoughts. All the very best, and God bless you. Thanks for the wonderful work you’ve done here.


  11. Hi Courtney. Thank you for the very informative post. I have breast cancer, diagnosed just this past May. I went vegan immediately after getting the diagnosis. I didn’t discover Bill Henderson’s protocol until August which I promptly then started. My first Navarro hcg test (from early August) came back 51.4. I took another one a month after and it came back at 50.5. My question is when did your tumor start to shrink? My hcg result is low but my 3 cm tumor appears to be unchanged.

    • Hi Shan, That’s great that your score has dropped! I’m rusty at this, but I think I recall something about tumors encasing themselves before they die off…so the size can seem the same, but it’s just waiting for your body to get rid of the bulkage of it. Have you ever heard of that? Might want to research that, because I’m not up-to-date on a lot of my cancer reading.

  12. Hi Courtney,
    You have a great site and I am very grateful for it. I have also been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I have been treating it naturally for about 9 months and I have a question about the HCG test. I was typically seeing reductions every 3 months or so. I started at 52.2. July 1st I started the FOCC, and July 14th I had a reduction to 51.4. July 15th I started IV ozone and Aug 20th I had my mercury filling removed and a filling put in a tooth with an infected cavity. Sept 20 I got a reduction to 50.5. This was a .9 reduction in 2 months vs my previous .4 reductions in 3 months. Have you heard of anything like this before? I emailed Dr. Navarro and he said, “this will depend on how your immune system reacts and the drop is possible”. I am waiting for a response from Mr. Henderson about it as well. If you have any insight I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Calvin from Saskatoon, Sk.

    • Hey Calvin! That is excellent. I’m so happy for your healing success!!! Especially with Hodgkin’s. Everyone tells how “lucky” we are to have such a “curable” cancer with chemo that it’s hard to choose the natural route without tons of pressure. I would say that is totally possible. I am also hanging out at 50.5….and it’s been 7 years since diagnosis (this week actually.) Are you having any B symptoms like night sweats or anything? If so, have they reduced in frequency or severity?

      • I know there has been alot of pressure to go traditional and I don’t know anyone personally that has gone alternative but my family likes to reference people who have taken chemo and lived for decades. Being only 30 I was concerned about a secondary cancer as well as all of the other effects of chemo. I have never had any symptoms at all. I was diagnosed at stage 2 and after dropping .4 or .8 HCG they upped my stage to 3A due to 2 new enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen found on a CT scan. I don’t know why I am getting new ones but I am putting all of my faith in this HCG test to monitor my progress, as you know there are no traditional biomarkers. I have a few lymph nodes around my collar bone and they have been shrinking, some have disappeared. I just don’t know why new ones would be popping up. Have you heard from any of your readers that have had similar results with the HCG test? Thanks, Calvin

        • I’d say it’s a great sign that you have lymph nodes shrinking in your collar bone. Alongside the hcG I was able to feel my enlarged lymph node in my neck to monitor. It was confirmed by PET/ CT that the one in my neck was the only other lymph node involved. The one in my armpit was removed. 9 months on the protocol…do you still feel great? Was there a CT done when you were diagnosed and then another done later to see the nodes in your abdomen? OR were they there when you were diagnosed? Are you working with a doctor that is supportive? Did you join our online BHP support group? There are some great practitioners on there that might be able to chime in on your situation, too.

          • I have started to feel pretty tired/unmotivated lately. The only reason I could guess is possibly due to the IV ozone, lack of protein or maybe an unbalanced diet. Mainly raw vegan but the same foods each day. I did have a CT when I was first diagnosed followed by a PET a month or two later. Then another 3 CT’s. I have had 4 within 9 months so I have stopped getting them now. I have done HCG tests every two weeks since diagnosis. I haven’t joined any groups and my Oncologist thinks I’m insane. We don’t quite have the pressure here from Oncologists that you get in the USA since our doctors are paid by publicly funded health care. I haven’t found or really looked that hard for a MD that would support this therapy. I have been working with a very competent ND since diagnosis. I have heard that the new lymph nodes could be caused by the kidneys producing more fluid and storing it in the lymph system. Another idea is that the body is storing dead cancer cells in the lymph system until it can process and excrete them. Or it could be fighting some type of infection like a flu or cold. Without biopsying those new nodes it is impossible to know if they are malignant.

    • Hi Calvin
      I was reading your comments and was wondering how you’ve been since your last reply.
      My situation sounds a lot like yours, 7 months now treating HL naturally with great blood test results and feeling better overall, but with a few more nodes popping up.
      Let me know if you see this?

      All the best


  13. Courtney

    Thank you for this post. I just took the test and am waiting the results. Your posts have made it cleat that I need to use this to test progress over time.

  14. I have been using hollistic methods to treat my cancer since April. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in January. I had surgery and walked away from chemo after the first round. I just did the Navarro test for the first time and my results are 51.4. So I guess that is my baseline and I’ll test again at the beginning of the new year. Thank you for all the great information.

  15. Hi Courtney,
    I was diagnosed with stage 2/3 breast cancer a little over a year ago. Jan thru May of 2015 I had 8 chemo treatments and then a lumpectomy in June of 2015. I am interested in getting the HCG cancer test and was wondering if a HCG diet I did about 3 or 4 years ago would effect the test results. I took HCG sublingual for 6 weeks. I did this diet 3 times.

    • Hi Elaine, I’m not 100% sure, but just using the information I received from Dr. Navarro’s office regarding testing after pregnancy (where there’s plenty of hcG present,) I’m guessing you’d be fine.

  16. Hello Courtney,
    My husband who was diagnosed with GBM4 in May 15 had an HCG reading of 52.6 in August 15 and which came down further to 51.4 in December 15. Now in February 16, his MRI shows a small white patch which could be a recurrence. Is it possible that after a reduction in score, the tumor will show up again?


    • Hi Smita, yes that is possible. Cancer is systemic and the hcG test gives a TOTAL involvement reading. I would definitely retest in 6 weeks and monitor carefully and keep up with any nutritional changes you’ve made along with addressing emotional issues, dental toxins, etc.

  17. Hi Courtney,

    I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing your story.

    My niece (27 year old, wok in Korea) diagnosed stage II/III breast cancer in March 2015. She received chemotherapy (for 6 months), then a mastectomy in October, after that 30 radiation treatments. Now she is taking Tamoxifen to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back, or risk of a new cancer developing in the other breast. Beside this, she has been taking herbs (since began the chemo) that can increase her immune system. I want her to do hCG test to see if her cancer is really gone and the treatment works. As we know that blood /urine hCG testing is routinely used to screen for a pregnancy, although it is now used as cancer test. I think most of local hospital or labs can perform this test. My question is if the test results from local labs can be used to monitor cancer behavior or cancer metastasis after treatment (surgery, chemo and radiation)? By the way, I want to do the Navarro hCG test for myself first. My niece did CA 153 test after confirmation of breast cancer by PET,CT ,biopsy…, her CA 153 level was in normal range ( 3 U/mL). So she needs another biomarker to monitor her cancer status.

    All the best,


  18. Hi Courtney – I have had ovarion cancer – I had an operation feb 2014 to have the tumour removed – I had a compete hysterectomy, section bowel removed and my appendix, but did not do any treatment. I started with the Bill Henderson Protocal November 2013 – when I start the HCG tests I was 52.4 – I am now down to 51.8 and have been at this number for over a year now. After reading your blogs I see that sometimes it takes awhile for the numbers to lower. I have had blood tests done by my doctor, but I still prefer to follow the HCG tests. It seems that ovarian cancer is not talked about much. This is the first I have read your blog, I find it very encouraging. Thanks

    • Hi Nancy, the hcG test is helpful, but other means of monitoring are important as well. I do a physical exam since my tumors were palpable. I’m also VERY aware of other symptoms of a recurrence that my oncologist taught me to look out for. Make sure you are also keeping with your healing protocol. 🙂

  19. Dear Cortney: THANK YOU so very much for your detailed and informative post. I just got my first hCG test results today, and I was disappointed with the results (53 +4). BUT, after reading your posts, my mind is at rest. I’ve been on my healing journey for 6 months, and my only regret so far is that I didn’t do a baseline test back in July 2015 when first diagnosed. Your emphasis on using this as a trending test for your own journey is such sage advice. Your research and questions asked are thorough as well. Thanks for doing the hard work for me!! You are appreciated!

  20. Hi, Courtney,
    I’ve enjoyed reading and being challenged by your blog. I’ve been dealing with a CML diagnosis for 9 months. I had been wanting to do the HCG test for a while, and finally did it recently. Actually 4 different times and I can’t get the sediment to stay on the coffee filter. There is some there after I strain it, but when left to dry, it dissapears or turns into a tiny bit of hard crust that won’t seperate from the filter. Any ideas? Also I didn’t see the caution about not being intimate for 12 days. What is the reason for so long? My husband was not on board with that:)

    • Hi Darlene 🙂

      Funny enough, I just did an HCG test today….and yes, it can be a looooong 12 days for hubby. 😉 But he wants a healthy wife, right? What I do to get the sediment to stay on the filter is after removing it from the fridge (after 6 hours,) I slough off about 3/4 of it and then swirl the remaining sediment and liquid slightly.Then strain it through the coffee filter slowly. Even the smallest bit of sediment can be used by Dr. Navarro’s clinic, even if it’s hardened to the filter. 🙂 And regarding the 12 long days of abstinence, Dr. N said the issue was with seminal residue needing to be absent completely from the female urine specimen. So…my thoughts are that a barrier method (condom) would be ok to use. I’ve never officially asked though.

  21. Hi Courtney,
    I received the result of my first Navarro test on April 13, 2016. It is Index + 4, (51.4 Int. Units). So is given as ‘positive.’ I didn’t expect a positive result and very surprised to know my test result. I sent an email to Dr. Navarro to tell him that I have been very healthy up to now. My lifestyle is very good, eat health, regular exercise (running, hiking, swimming…) and do blood test every year, do mammography and gynecological cytology test every two years since my 40 years old. I want to know how many health persons have positive result in his practices. I asked this is not suspecting the test result, just a curious. Then I received below reply from Dr. Navarro on April 14, 2016.
    “Most healthy people are negative for the test. However, some individuals like those with strong family history but do not have the disease may have a positive reading. Smokers who are healthy with no disease may also have a positive reading. It has been observed that 30 % of diabetics who have no cancer can have a positive hcg score. So for these individuals, a life style change is in order to prevent development of cancer. The HCG can go down as what I have seen in some individuals when they made the necessary adjustment.”

    I think my positive result maybe because I have strong family history of cancer (My father died of cancer 40 years ago, my niece diagnosed bread cancer in 2015). I also did some research and found that in some post menopause women their blood hCG are positive. Then I went to see my family doctor and presented this result to him. I suggested having an hCG blood test to compare with my urine hCG test result. But he refused to order hCG blood test for me because he don’t believe there are tumor markers that can predict cancer. He said the tumor markers can only be used for monitoring cancer treatment.
    I want to find the reasons that lead to my positive hCG result. The only thing I can think about is I used Canola oil for cooking for more than 10 years because Canola oil can reduce risk and survive breast cancer (see information at Now I stop cooking with Canola, because Canola is from GMO product. I will re-test urine hCG one year later to see if my reading could be changed.
    By the way, my niece’s hCG test result is also received with reading 51.8. Dr. Navarro emailed me the result and told me that “The elevated HCG is possibly coming from remnants (microscopic or otherwise) of the stage II/III breast cancer found in 2015, March. This serves as the baseline result. ” My niece just conducted a follow up re-examination (blood, CT, ultrasound..), indicating no new cancer or cancer spread are found. I will arrange her to do urine hCG test at end of this year. I will share my/her results with you and your readers.

    All the best,

  22. Thank you for your blog. I have been using Dr Navarro’s HCG test for about a year. The 1st result was +53.6, +53.4, +52.2, +52.2 and the last +52.2 , i am waiting for the latest result for this August. I learned so.muxh in reading your blog. Will update you for the.latest result. My husband was diagnose with NPCA , T2N0M0 just hoping that his latest result to lower HCG. God bless.

    • edna
      my wife has been using navaro also and her results were 53, 52.6, 52.6, 52.2, 52.2, 52.2. we just recieved the current test and it was again 52.2. would be curious to know what your protocol is. anyway thanks and take care
      mike k

  23. Hi, I realize this is an old post so I don’t if you’ll even see this; if you do I would greatly appreciate a response. I have taken two of the Navarro tests scoring 52.2 then 51.8, 45 or so days later. What I am confused about is question two above. If someone has advanced stage cancer, according to Dr. Navarro inflammation can cause a lower number due to dilution of the HCG. So if the number associated with the test goes down then couldn’t this mean that that a person’s cancer has actually spread or grown and the lower number being the result of more dilution due to more inflammation caused by more cancer; thus rendering the test results mute? I thought my receiving a lower number was good news, now I’m not so sure; and I am obviously concerned about this. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi there Sam, the lower the hcG number the better. You want to see a number that TRENDS downwards. I think this test is best used to compare the trend over time alongside paying attention to your body and intuition. Hope this helps!

      • I understand, but even if the number trends lower each time couldn’t this still mean the cancer has grown, but the number has gone down due to more inflammation causing further dilution of the HCG in the body? I apologize for the follow-up e-mail but I am confused by this issue. Thanks.

  24. Hi Ms. Courtney,

    Thank you very much for writing this blog. It is really helpful for me to know about the HCG test. My Mother is battling Breast Cancer and her reading from the HCG Test is Index + 4,(51.8 Int. Units). I hope you can shed some light on what this is about.

    She’s taking Transfer Factor right now and we don’t want for her to go through the Chemoteraphy. I hope you can explain her results. Thank you and God bless. Will pray for you.

    Best regards,
    John Tagle

    • Hi John,

      I think the hcG test is best used as a TRENDING test…to see how you’re responding over time. You want it to go down or stay the same. Below 50 is “cancer free” statistically although some people plateau above 50.

  25. Hi Courteny,
    The link you provide here for Bill Henderson’s comments does not seem to be active.

    There has been accusations by Dr. Emil K. Schandl, a doctor in Hollywood, FL about the reliability of Dr. Navarro’s hCG test. He claims that Dr. Navarro’s test is not consistent in its results. Dr. Schandl sells his own hCG test which is more extensive but requires a prescription (which his daughter, an MD will write for a fee) and the test costs well over $400.

    Last year, Bill Henderson commented wisely about this debate and you should definitely read his take on it. This quote was what comforted me in my decision to continue with Dr. Navarro’s test:

    • I posted a fairly long comment here just before the one above which was not approved, apparently. I included what I thought would be useful information to many of your readers. Why was none of it shown?

      • Hi Rick. I typically approve comments in batches and not always as frequently as I would like. As a busy mom of 3 little ones, it takes time and your comment just happened to be posted JUST after I last approved a batch of comments back in November (just before Thanksgiving.) Sorry about the wait. They are all approved. Thanks!

    • Thanks Rick, I will see if I can find that link elsewhere. Since Bill’s passing his website hasn’t been maintained and I’m guessing this is the reason.

  26. Please can you let me know where I may purchase the Cancer testing strips. ?

    Many Thanks,

    ‘Kind regards,

    ~ Henryka

  27. Hello Cortney, My 29-year-old son was diagnosed with Stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January of 2016. Upon his diagnosis, he went gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and started doing the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil regimen. He also began eating raw. We also went to the BioMedical Clinic and started on the Hoxsey Tonic. His lymphnodes stopped growing in size immediately upon starting his new diet and taking the tonic, but things have seemed to come to a standstill. Will you share with me how long it took before you were considered in remission? Thank you for sharing your journey.

  28. Hi Courtney,
    I really appreciate the information you put on your blog about your testing results. Because right now we’re debating if my daughter should go for a pet scan or not. She had a non hodgkins lymphoma stage 3 and we’ve been using the Navarro urine test to follow her journey but we only started testing her after all signs of cancer were gone. It’s been 2 1/2 years and her numbers have been ocillating between 51.8 and 52.4. She only had local MRI’s and CTscans.
    My question to you is how did your oncologist declared you cllinically cancer free if you did not use pet scan?

  29. Hi I wanted to find out if hcg testing works for all cancers? I guess my question would be, do all cancers contain hcg?

    • The test is about 80% accurate. My advice is to use it as a trending test (compare scores for progress) and use other testing if financially able and monitor how you feel.

  30. Thanks for all the info…your website is amazing.

    I have never had a CT/PET scan just MRI’s. the last a full body MRI. Do I need to do the CT/PET??

    I am doing the Hoxsey tonic, B17, Enz, DIM plus, THC, Gold paste and some vits/supps but just starting and all very overwhelming…a constant influx of stuff in my belly.
    Is there something else I should be doing in ur opinion??
    Any advice will be amazing. Thanks G

  31. Hello Courtney,

    I found your website after researching Dr. Navarro’s HCG testing. I heard about the HCG testing and that’s I discovered your website. I’m a technology nerd and informational data junkie.

    I was interested in the HCG test as a biomarker for the early stage of prostate cancer which I knew I may have with an elevated 9.3 PSA reading, some +19-years after my first benign biopsy nodule test. My PSA was fairly low until Feb. of last year then it spiked up and I started to make diet and lifestyle changes big time.

    Ok! After reading your postings and the details of your journey, I was reviewing Dr. Navarro’s HCG Cancer Test. I was really thinking about it and discussed it with my wife. My wife flipped out when I told her I would have to mail my sample to the Philippines. Courtney, there was no way I was going to go against my wife’s opinion on this import step. No way! Keep it in the USA.

    Now, I also read on your website about Dr. Shandl’s CaProfile cancer test which I have to thank you, thank you, thank you! You were gracious enough to still post the information and express your views, which I respect. Courtney, you showed a great deal of grace and class presenting the information for your readers to decide. You see, Dr. Shandl’s office is located about 30-min. south of my home in Florida and I never would have known about him. That news made my wife very happy! 🙂 I did some more research on YouTube and internet and found his test quite impressive. This is my body and I want the best approach without cutting, chemo, radiation. No way!

    I would like to share my experience with Dr. Shandl, if I may. Well, I learned that Dr. Shandl’s brother died from his prostate because he first followed the traditional route of chemo and by the time the brother asked for Dr. Shandl’s help and advice, it was much too late. His immune system was fried. The typical outcomes and sadly we often hear about. Another statistic. Needless to say, Dr. Shandl was quite astute about prostate cancer and very assuring.

    Dr. Shandl’s Cancer Profile Test (CaProfile) provides you with seven (7) distinct blood biomarkers to ascertain if you have any cancer and it provides some valuable insight into what may also be developing in your body. That perhaps one major difference between Dr. Navarro vs. Dr. Shandl test. They are not exactly the same test as a whole.

    So, yes my HCG test suggested that I was at the early stages of Prostate Cancer. It pretty much confirmed what I instinctively knew and now I have a biomarker as my baseline. I’m blessed because I did not have to once again go through the physical pain of a prostate biopsy, the risk of spreading the cancer, and the much higher cost when you factor in deductibles.

    Yes, on the surface he is more expensive than Dr. Navarro’s test. Respectfully, I don’t think it’s fair to compared apples to apples between the two HCG test. For example, in Dr. Shandl test I discovered that my DHEA-S was extremely low for my age group. My body was producing the male DHEA-S levels of an average 87-year old man and I’m 65-years old. There are DHEA-S chart levels for both men and woman. There is tons of information about DHEA, yet, I did not know squat about DHEA until I took this test. Now I know better.

    Dr. Shandl charted my data for me to visually see it, wrote detailed notes with a summary of the cause & effect for the test measurements, how to start correcting it with a 15-minute phone consultation.

    I discovered how low DHEA-S plays an important role in prostate cancer which I was able to EASILY then able to confirm for myself in national medical databases case studies. I’m a person that needs to know WHY or HOW this happens. In short, I found one of the possible causes for my high PSA and beginning prostate cancer. I ordered the DHEA online for a whopping $12.00 for 100-tabs, started taking it and I’m feeling pretty good. I will have another PSA in two months. There were two other suggestions given which may also provide protection against cancer cell damage/repair and cancer anti-spreading precaution.

    Courtney, it was worth every penny of $400 and then some. Thus, thank you again for all the work and effort you put into this web site.

    PS – You may wish to check out Saliva DNA Genetic Cancer Risk Profile test for $299.00. It will identify your risk for 25 hereditary cancers by analyzing 98 genes from your saliva DNA. They show you a sample report! Thank you again!

  32. Hi Cortney,
    Thank you for your blog! I found it via Chris Beat Cancer. I am curious what you might do in my situation. I am currently nursing and have recently found a lump in my breast which I had an ultrasound done on. The Radiologist is strongly recommending biopsy but I am hesitant after reading that it can cause cancer to spread, and I also tend to lean towards being very conservative with medical interventions. He also recommended a mammogram which I declined. I have made diet changes already, and plan to do a follow up ultrasound in a month, and also thermography. However, neither will give me a diagnosis. Although the diet changes are good for me, I am consumed by this. I am a busy mother of 3 and it’s not healthy to be thinking I may be sick 24/7, even if I am periodically encouraged by working on healing myself through diet (I go back and forth between dread and encouragement, but always thinking about it). There is a difference between healing vs maintaining/preventing. I am also worried about the affect on my milk supply. I have read about the different tests you referenced above, but a lot of the links are no longer valid on the extensive list. The AMAS test seems promising but the URL has expired, do you know if it is still offered? Do you have advice for me? You mentioned above you would not recommend the HCG test for diagnosis, what would you recommend instead? Or, would the possible relief from a negative biopsy result outweigh the risks? Thank you for any advice you might have.
    Last question about the HCG test specifically in regards to your first post about it; do you mail the filter with the crystals or scrape the crystals off and discard the filter before mailing?

    • The AMAS test URL is back up. I will try pursuing that option for now, but I am still interested in knowing your general thoughts, if you have the time.

      I also re-read the post about how to do the HCG test and I see now that it’s clear the filter is sent with the sediment. I missed it, sorry!

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