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When I was diagnosed in 2008 with a rare and indolent form of Stage II Hodgkin’s lymphoma, my husband and I didn’t have a clue about natural healing or prevention of cancer.

After extensive testing, my oncologist wanted to treat me with aggressive chemotherapy and radiation which would have led to many severe side effects, some permanent such as infertility. It’s a VERY LONG AND AWESOME STORY, but we graciously turned down his suggestions and 6 months later I was in remission after using ONLY holistic and natural protocols of diet change, natural supplements, detoxification, and emotional healing.

I prayerfully put this page together with you in mind. I thought to myself “What would have helped me if I were researching about holistic treatment for the first time?”

First thing I would have wanted to know is that there are people that choose holistic cancer treatment and it works! That’s me. I’m still here. 🙂 And there are hundreds more of us and growing.

Next, I would have wanted resources and a plan.

Below I think you’ll find the resources you need to decide what plan is right for you. Whether it’s a more integrative approach or a completely holistic route, a WHOLE BODY APPROACH to cancer is the only way a person can truly heal. Permanent changes to your diet, lifestyle, and thinking habits are the only things that will keep cancer from returning.


My Favorite Holistic Cancer Resources to Start With:


Chris Wark’s Square One Cancer Coaching Program: (10 video coaching lessons to get you started and help you start your journey. By far, the most organized place start your holistic cancer journey!)

My All Time FAVORITE Alternative/Holistic Cancer Resource: The Quest for the Cures (EXTENSIVE video series discussing all things alternative cancer with a TON of experts.)

Chris Wark: 20 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist (free guide to review before making any treatment decisions!)

Bill Henderson: Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing (the first book I read about natural cancer treatment and followed into remission in 2008-2009.)



Dr. Patrick Quillin: Beating Cancer With Nutrition

Ty Bollinger: Cancer: Step Outside the Box

Dr. Kelly Turner: Radical Remission

HealingStrong: Holistic Healing Leadership Guide (For Starting Local Support Groups)


(The following are many of the posts I’ve written on AntiCancerMom since I started writing in 2011 and a great place to research for your own healing journey. )


My Life During Holistic/ Nontoxic Cancer Treatment:

My Entire Cancer Journey on my HOW I BEAT CANCER page.

My Entire Written Interview with Chris Wark from, 2011

My Video Interview With Chris Wark at the HealingStrong Conference, 2013

A Day in the Life During Holistic Cancer Treatment (A Five Part-Series)

Facing the Critics of Alternative Cancer Treatment

The 3 Day Cancer Fighting Meal Plan

5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Starting Cancer Treatment 

The Original Quest for the Cures Interview

39 Hilarious Ways to Tell You’re Healing Your Cancer Naturally

Welcome to! (Formerly


Anti-Cancer Diet:

Quick and Easy Cancer Fighting Salad

5 Cancer Fighting Juice Recipes + My Favorite Juicer

Anti-Cancer Vanilla Cinnamon Budwig Smoothie

Strawberry Anti-Cancer Budwig Smoothie

Anti-Cancer Guacamole

A Quick Overview of WHY You Should Eat a Raw, Organic Vegan Diet for Cancer Healing

The Budwig Protocol and Mixture as a Non-Toxic Cancer Therapy

Anti-Cancer Green Vegetable Smoothie (and how to make drinking it easier) 

Anti-Cancer Properties of Cruciferous Vegetables

Anti-Cancer Properties of Dark Leafy Greens

Anti-Cancer Properties of Ellagic Acid in Berries

How to Read a Food Ingredient Label and What to Look Out For

Video: Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?

Jerry Brunetti’s Presentation on “Food As Medicine”

Anti-Cancer Properties of Garlic and Onions + Recipes

Anti-Cancer Spices: Turmeric, Cayenne, Ginger

The Importance of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and How to Get More of Them

Anti-Cancer Properties in Green Tea

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Kitchen: Vitamix Deals and Review

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Kitchen: Immersion Blender and Budwig “Chocolate Pudding” 

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Kitchen: What Kind of Juicer Should I Buy?

March on Monsanto: Atlanta, and the GMO Debate


Anti-Cancer and Immune Boosting Supplements

Beta-1, 3D Glucan for Immune Support During Cancer

Supplements I Took While Healing Naturally From Cancer

Supplement Organization: My Favorite Vitamin Box


Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Announcement: HealingStrong Conference and Retreat, Atlanta: 2013

“I’m Worried That I Have Cancer!” 5 Tips to Help You Stop Worrying (#2 is SUPER Easy!)

How You Think and What You Believe

Reducing Stress, Managing Your Finances


Detoxification and Natural Beauty and Hygiene

Entire Post on Detoxification

Homemade, Non-Toxic Natural Deodorant

Detoxing Your Food

Detox from Plastics and How to Go Plastic-Free

Detox Your Air- Perfumes and Pollution

Detox Your Water- Shower and Drinking Water Filters and My Thoughts on Water Ionizers

Detox Your Lymph System- Rebounders and Exercise

Oil Cleansing Method for Facial Cleansing

The Importance of a Clean Colon: Colonics and Enemas

Why I Tossed My Non-Stick Teflon Cookware

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Bathroom Series: Soaps, Shampoos, and Shave

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Bathroom Series: Lotions, Deodorant, Make-Up, and More!

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Bathroom Series: THE SALON POST: Nail Polish and Hair Color

My Non-Toxic Cleaning Routine


Dental Toxin Removal

(Information Coming Eventually…until then CHECK THIS OUT)


Non-Toxic Cancer Testing and Monitoring

The HCG Cancer Test: Does It Really Work?

My 6 Year Experience with the HCG Cancer Test


Medical Studies that Support Alternative Therapies/ Critical of Conventional Model

An Oncologist Speaks Out: Chemotherapy Makes Us Money But It Doesn’t Work

2015 Study: Half of Hodgkin’s Patients Get Second Cancer After Chemotherapy


Support and Community

Online Alternative Cancer Support and Community Groups

HealingStrong Groups News and Truth About Cancer Replay

My Tour and Review of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida

HealingStrong: AMAZING Holistic Cancer Non-Profit Resource

HealingStrong on Natural News Radio

A HealingStrong Miracle and My Cancer Story in Natural Awakenings Magazine

2013 HealingStrong Conference and Retreat in Pictures


Holistic/ Natural Cancer Survivors

Ovarian Cancer Survivor Evita Ramparte

List of Various Natural Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Stories (12-Part Series!)


Holistic Insurance Alternatives:

Alternatives to Obamacare: Christian Healthcare Share Ministries

Comparing Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, and Christian Healthcare Ministries

One Year Update on My Experience with Samaritan Ministries (Non-Obamacare Healthcare Coverage/ Sharing)

My Home Birth Experience with Samaritan Ministries and Review of Samaritan Ministries- Alternative to Health Insurance


Journal, Diary, Thoughts Along the Way…

Remembering My Hero, Bill Henderson

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Kids’ Toys, Stocking Stuffers, Stitch Fix Giftcard

Remembering My Aunt Toni Dowdy, Cancer Survivor and Sweetest Person I Know

Ludacris Loves Green Drink Diaries, too (that time we met the rapper Ludacris at a gas station…)

That Season I Tried Weekday Vegetarianism

How Did I End Up Pregnant With Cancer?

“Cup of Joy” Health Talk with Sandra Stanley

Back to School…A Mini Memoire of My Decade as a Public School Teacher

Guest Post on Cowgirls and Collard Greens

Flirting With Cancer: When Can I Eat “Normal” Food Again? (in extreme moderation)

Video Interview and Chat with Lisa Robbins From

Cheat Nights and Watermelon-Veggie Rebound Juice

Holiday Gift Idea: Winter Wellness Baskets!

A Natural Hodgkin Survivor’s Take on the Connecticut Teen Forced Into Chemotherapy

Update on “Cassandra C.” – the Connecticut Teen Forced to Undergo Chemotherapy Against Her Will

Q&A: How Is Your Lifestyle 7 Years After Cancer? Part 1: How I Eat Today

My Sister, Kelsey Rowell as a Finalist in Dr. Oz’s Nurse Search, 2015


Other Natural Remedies

Garlic + Coconut Oil Foot Antibacterial Foot Salve (GOOT- great for sick babies!)

Best Natural Diaper Rash Cure

My Experience with Natural Wart Removal

Natural Winter Wellness Remedies for 2014

My Natural Winter Wellness Protocol (Great for Cold and Flu!)

Super Simple Homemade Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Simple, Natural, and Affordable Winter Remedies for BUSY People

Natural Headache Relief, No Drugs Needed- Especially Great for PREGNANCY Headaches!

10 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness (that work!)

My Favorite Natural Cure For UTI’s (because it works!)


Childbirth and Raising Kids Along the Way

Baby #1: Tips on Unmedicated Childbirth and my First Natural, 48 Hour Hospital Birth

Navigating Through a “Missed Miscarriage”

Baby #2 is HERE!

Baby #3 Home Birth Experience


Green Smoothie Recipes

Creamy, Icy Chocolate Almond Smoothie

Green Drink Psychology: The Pros and Cons of a Green Smoothie Habit

My Hubby’s Favorite Green Man Smoothie

Easy Saturday Green Smoothie

Peachy GreenBerry Smoothie

Green Smoothie For St. Patrick’s Day

Savory Veggie Green Smoothie

Grape Avocado Smoothie

Anti-Green Veggie Smoothie

Anti-Green Smoothie Featured on Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life Recipe of the Week

Melon-Kale Smoothie

The He-Man Smoothie (it gives you THE POWERRR!)

The Doobie Smoothie (Cauliflower Banana Strawberries)

The Orange Blossom Special Smoothie

Cha Cha Cha Chia Peach-Banana-Chard Smoothie

The Compost Pile Smoothie (it’s as awesomely fascinating as it sounds!)

Anna’s Frozen Chocolate Green Smoothie


Other Recipes:


Healthy Ezekiel Pizzas and Salad

Easy Dinner Eggs with Veggies

Creamy Coconut Beans and Rice with Veggies

Turkey Tomato Lentil Soup

Lentil Corn Curry

Dehydrated Apple and Zucchini Chips

Easy Beany Zucchini and Rice

Healing, Homemade Hot Cocoa

Easy and Tasty Kale Chips

Paprika Slow-Cooked Chicken and Broth

Stevia Sweetened Lemonade


Gardening/ Sprouting

Starting Your Own Container Garden- It’s Not As Hard as You Think

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14 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Courtney:

    By now, you have heard that Bill Henderson has Lymphoma. I was wondering if you would care to comment on how such a man could contract this disease? I have read and follow Bill’s book, as you seem to do to a degree yourself and I was wondering if the latest news of Bill’s condition has you reeling like it has me. I simply don’t see how Bill could coach people who have cancer and then contract the disease himself. I have written to Bill but I have received no answer. Thanks for your anticipated input.

    • Hi Vern, yes it is true that Bill has cancer. He notified all of his readers in his last newsletter. MY thoughts are that Bill is 83. In the last few years he has been open about enjoying life…traveling the world, enjoying meals with family, and not following the cancer diet he recommends for people with cancer (and admittedly he never has followed it 100% because he has never had cancer!) In all honesty, it is a bit disheartening at first, but when you sit to think about it and have lived this lifestyle like I have (and have heard so many people’s stories,) you can see how it wouldn’t be impossible to get cancer even if you are doing so much right. There is no 100% to avoiding cancer. I wish Bill the absolute best and pray he will heal completely and will have much to teach and tell us.

  2. what do you recommend to people who have had one HCG test and then the next one their number has gone up instead of down?

    • Hi Denise, if your number goes up and you are otherwise feeling OK, I would keep on your anti-cancer diet, supplements, and protocol OR increase the intensity of your protocol. Address emotional issues, increase detox (colonics, coffee enemas, etc.) add Essiac if you aren’t doing it yet. Address mercury feelings and root canals for removal. Then, retest in 6-8 weeks. If numbers haven’t changed or you feel worse, then you need to reevaluate what you’re doing. Are you doing additional testing besides hcG? If you can, it is helpful to have other cancer testing done alongside the hcG.

  3. Hi not sure if you still write on this blog since the last post are from 2016. But my husband has just been diagnosed with the same thing as you had. Type 2 HL. After hearing about the side affects of the chemo we decided we would embark on this natural journey. My question to you is which doctor did you see to assist you with your journey? I see you mention Szabo which ironically is also our oncologist but you mention that you sought treatment elsewhere. Can you please help me out? Thanks!

    • Hi Issa, that’s a crazy coincidence that Szabo is your oncologist! I didn’t receive “treatment” necessarily but went to receive detox and immersion of the raw foods lifestyle and Living Foods Institute.

  4. I am a patient and a physician with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I was wondering without trying to be rude but have you ever released any “Proof” that you had hodgkin’s at all. As a man of science, great claims need greater proof. I do enjoy your story but with all the people out there faking their diagnosis for financial gain, prove that you had cancer at all. I just worry about you misleading others into avoiding treatment that has cure rates into the 90% range. So do you have any substantiation?

    • Hey Dylan, you are only the second person in 7 years of blogging to ask me for proof. I’m not too keen on sharing my medical records to the internet, but enough reading and I’m sure you can see the integrity in my posts. Perhaps on my tenth remission anniversary I’ll put it out there once I figure out how to blur personal info text in Photoshop. 🙂

  5. Dear Cortney.
    I hope you see this soon. My son was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I shared with him the option of defeating this disease with a complete lifestyle change to healthy anti-cancer eating and exercise. I found you through Chrisbeatcancer. My son had a question for you. He was wondering about once you had started this journey, how long was it before you saw a noticeable reduction in lymph node swelling?

    • Hi John, we messaged over email already but I’ll reply here, too. My lymph node waxed and waned for several months before finally decreasing with ongoing use of Essiac tea. Around the sixth month it was completely gone. That was in 2009.

  6. Hi,
    During one year already,I do the Budwig diet,eat only organic fruit and vegetable and avoid all sorts of toxins.But he metastasis in my lung have increased more than 2cm in one year and I now have also lymphoms on my neck.
    Must I choose another protocol.Perhaps Budwig is not working for me?

    • Nancy, I always suggest that when choosing alternative means to healing that you monitor very carefully- reassessing every 8-12 weeks.YES- if what you are doing now is not working you need to add additional protocols or change your current protocol altogether. xoxoxo