Everyone Should Have Chris Wark’s Square One Healing Cancer Coaching Program


So, Chris Wark’s Square One Healing Cancer Coaching Program is BEAUTIFUL. Inspiring, incredibly well put together, covers everything you need to know about choosing a natural healing path or support for cancer. FULL OF HOPE.

The nutritional, spiritual, practical. EVERYTHING.

At times I found myself emotional when watching it. I am SO GRATEFUL for it! I wish it would have existed when I began my path to heal naturally from cancer in 2008. It would have saved both my husband and I so much doubt about our given path (and not to mention the research time and overwhelm!)

The unique thing about Chris’s program is that it is experienced coaching from a SURVIVOR, someone who has lived the anti-cancer lifestyle for over 13 years. Chris beat his Stage III colon cancer without chemo or radiation in 2004.

To give you an idea of what is in the program, here is a List of the Square One Modules:


Module 1: First Things First

Module 2: Why You Have Cancer & How to Eliminate the Causes

Module 3: Implementing the Anti-Cancer Diet

Module 4: The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 2

Module 5: How to Detoxify Your Body & Environment

Module 6: How to Eliminate Stress & Heal Your Heart

Module 7: Spiritual Healing

Module 8: How Exercise & Rest Activate Healing

Module 9: Cancer Healing Herbs, Teas & Supplements

Module 10: Testing & How to Monitoring Your Progress


You can check out the TRAILER to get an idea of what to expect and why Chris created the program. 🙂
I am so happy to be able to share this program with all of you! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

You can PURCHASE Square One HERE.


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