BIG Green Drink News and Updates!

Blessings are abundant in the Campbell household! In April we welcomed our newest sweet girl, Annabel Michelle, weighing 9 lbs 3 oz, 3 days after her due date! After my first child, Ruby-Claire was born weighing 9 pounds and being 10 days “overdue,” I thought that maybe it was the 850 calorie, cancer-fighting Cottage Cheese/ Flaxseed Oil I ate almost everyday that made such a big baby. So, while pregnant with Annabel, I cut down to eating it only twice a week (for the last month) and she ended up weighing even more! I guess my reasoning didn’t quite work out there.

I have to say though, the biggest shocker when Annabel was born was her RED HAIR. Genetics are amazingly puzzling, but we sure do love her and her fuzzy baby locks like crazy!

We feel so incredibly blessed to share the news of her birth, seeing that the desire to have children was what triggered our research into holistic and alternative cancer therapies. God has a beautiful way of working things out.

Stay tuned for a new season of Green Drink Diaries, as I will be pursuing GDD and the Healing Strong Conference and Retreat FULL TIME (alongside motherhood as my number one priority!) After 9 years of teaching elementary school, God really laid it on me over the past year to take a leap of faith in resigning from what is safe and comfortable for me and wait for what is NEXT. I have some ideas, but I am prayerfully waiting for His cue.

I am so glad to be alongside you on this new journey!  Stay tuned….

14 thoughts on “BIG Green Drink News and Updates!

  1. Congratulations Cortney–on both the new little bundle of joy and on your resigning your position, although I’m sure the parents of the kids who would be having you as their teacher are feeling some anguish!!! Good luck! Pam

  2. Congrats!!! God will always take care of you and your family.
    And I’m so happy for you and so happy you have a little red hair baby!

  3. Congrats – Annabel is beautiful! And, wow – love seeing the path that you are on and the amazing places it’s leading you. So inspiring that you’re letting go into what you love – excited to see how this unfurls for you x

  4. I’m brand new to the whole green drink and budwig info. I’m blessed at this point to have had a life of health as I have. I just turned 50 and always looking for new info on how to be healthier and naturally attack common ailments. Really excited about what I’ve read so far and already fitting some of the recipes into my diet.
    The added bonus is your speaking of God and God’s place in our lives. He gives us ability to learn how to take better care of ourself but we need never forget he is the ultimate healer if it’s his will. Just love the recognition you give him as these days it seems so many won’t. Thank you!

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