How I Beat Cancer

3 months before my cancer diagnosis.

In October of 2008 I was diagnosed with Stage II Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma. After weeks of testing and the staging confirmed by PET/CAT scans and a bone marrow biopsy, my husband Kevin and I had to make a decision. Were we going to go with the oncologist’s recommendation of R-CHOP chemotherapy and radiation? There were so many unsettling factors. The type of Hodgkin’s I had was rare and indolent and there were no conclusive studies on what type of conventional treatment was MOST effective. The chemotherapy that was suggested by my oncologist had many side effects, but the one I found completely unbearable was infertility.

On the same day we received my official diagnosis and were given our tour through the chemo room and the wig shop, Kevin and I came home feeling unsettled and bewildered.  While I was lost in my thoughts of whether to freeze my eggs or agree to have embryos frozen, he began research on alternative cancer treatment. Neither one of us had any experience in the alternative cancer world. He began discovering other people who felt similarly as we did. They believed there had to be another way, a better way to treat cancer. We also found several survivors who treated or were treating naturally, such as Jerry Brunetti and Kris Carr.

Over the next few weeks, packages arrived at our door on a daily basis. Kevin began to read about the reasons that conventional medicine was not always the best way to approach treating cancer. He became more and more educated on the effectiveness of alternative cancer treatment. I had difficulty having faith in his new alternative cancer philosophy. How could this “natural” treatment be so effective, but yet doctors continue to treat almost exclusively with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery? It must be because modern American medicine was superior to diet change and supplementation? I needed to educate MYSELF. I focused on a book by Bill Henderson called “Cancer Free: Your Guide to Non-Toxic Healing” and in November began the protocol he lays out in his book:

1. Beta-1, 3D Glucan Immune Boosting Supplement

2. Raw Organic Vegan Diet, No Meat, No Sugar, No Processed Foods, No Cooked Food

3. Budwig Protocol (Cottage Cheese or Quark/Flaxseed Oil)

4. Vitamin C/ Green Tea Supplement

5. Barley Power Supplement

6. Dr. David Williams Daily Advantage Vitamins

7. HcG Urine Test to monitor progress

After many heated arguments and tears, I had finally agreed to give alternative cancer treatment a 3 month trial period. Our next step was to find an oncologist who supported us in our journey. After leaving the first oncologist, we found a holistic M.D. at first who knew of an oncologist, Dr. Stephen Szabo who she heard was more-open minded to patients trying alternative treatments. After one visit with him he confirmed that he believed I had “time to try alternative therapies” and agreed to monitor the cancer while I continued my nutritional protocol. It was shortly after this I began to notice the cancerous lymph node in my neck drastically reducing in size, almost to the point of non-detection after only a month on my new diet.

In January of 2009, I attended the 12 day detoxification and raw foods course at the Living Foods Institute here in Atlanta. It was there I was introduced to new ways to enjoy raw foods.  I also received 7 colonics to detox my colon in order to allow proper assimilation of the cancer-fighting nutrients I was putting into my body. I did many other things to detox my body also, such as drinking Essiac Tea, reflexology, drinking Alkaline water, sweating in a dry heat sauna, and exercising on a Cellerciser rebounder. During this time I also kept my anxiety levels calm through prayer, reading biblical scripture, and reciting positive affirmations.

My January HcG Test showed improvement from my November score. I was set for another HcG test in March when I discovered I was pregnant. It was a scary and uncharted territory for us. My oncologist seemed confident and we worked together along with my OBGYN through the next few months of morning sickness and blood tests to make sure my body was handling the pregnancy well and the cancer wasn’t acting up.

Finally, on May 4th, 2009, Dr. Szabo gave us the surprising news that I was in “clinical” remission! He believed that CT/PET scans were NOT a superior way to monitor the form of cancer I had because of its indolent nature. Instead, I am monitored via blood work and physical examinations.  Following several months of excellent health reports, I received “clinical” remission status. I went on to have an unmedicated and natural birth to our sweet daughter on November 19th 2009.

As of this writing in March, 2017 I remain in clinical remission. I have chosen to address my cancer through lifestyle change. This is a lifelong commitment. My diet is not as extreme as it was in the beginning, but I still stay away from sugar, processed foods, and conventional foods as much as possible. I eat a TON of nutrient-dense, organic vegetables: including my 64 ounce veggie smoothie as often as I can being a busy mother of now three young daughters (our second and third daughters were born in 2013 and 2015.) I am also juicing vegetables and finally loving it. When I eat meat, it is grass fed, free-range meat or wild-caught fish. After 8 years of daily cottage cheese/flaxseed oil, I am currently on a Budwig hiatus. I still drink Essiac tea often and am intentionally listening to my body’s cues to what it needs or doesn’t need in this season of motherhood and family life.

I think there is a place for conventional medical treatment and intervention/monitoring. For my husband and I, it was a PRAYERFUL decision to approach the cancer the way we did. We believe that God gave us a fully functioning, self-healing body that when nourished as it was intended (both physically and spiritually,) can reverse the malfunctioning cell growth of any form of cancer. This is where we felt peaceful in our choice. It will be a journey to keep the cancer away, not a destination. That is how we hope Americans will begin to look at their health care.

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136 thoughts on “How I Beat Cancer

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so happy for you, your husband and little girls that you are in remission! Praise God! I’ve been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and have tried to do the Budwig cottage cheese and flax oil. I gag every time. I love the taste of flax seeds – they have a nutty flavor to me. But the flax oil tastes like rotten fish. It’s not rancid. I’ve bought it several times from the refrigerated section of the store and within the expiration dates. I even contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a fresh bottle. I just can’t stomach it. Do you have any suggestions on how to make it more palatable? Thank you for your time/help.

    • Hi Donna- try adding Chocolate stevia after you mix it, and if that is still too gag inducing, make it into a strawberry smoothie by adding 8-10 frozen strawberries with 8-12 oz of water and blend. Add stevia for sweetness if needed. (:

      • Thank you, Cortney! I’ve done so much researching about alternative treatments to cancer that the list of blogs became overwhelming and I couldn’t remember where I had asked this question. Tonight I finally found it, again! Thanks so much for answering, I so appreciate that! I have really struggled with the Budwig protocol. I have another question about it, but I see you have a page with the recipe, so I’ll ask there. I hope you are still healthy and well. I’m bookmarking your blog and liking you on FB so I can keep following! God bless!

    • Hello!
      Thank you for sharing your remarkable story! I found you on, and everything you went through I relate to right now. I am 18 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in March after my biopsy results came back positive. In April, I went to see an oncologist and was sent to get a PET/CT scan and that is when they confirmed that it was stage III Hodgkin’s. After I met with them with a follow up appointment and they started informing me of the side effects of chemotherapy, I knew immediately that I did not want to go through with it. I knew there was alternative ways to heal. In between the time that I had my biopsy and the time I’ve had a PET/CT scan, I have slowly started my transition into a diet. My WBC count went from 12.3 to 11 in less than a month. Through this, I have decided that a complete diet and lifestyle change is what I need to beat it! I have already picked up a copy of “Your guide to Gentle, Non-toxic healing” by Bill Henderson. Thank you again SO much for sharing this and helping others just like me. I am ready to embark on this life changing journey.
      God Bless!
      *I also must mention that I agree that stress is a HUGE factor in taking advantage of your immune system. There were many events in my life that put stress on me, but in July of 2015, I was T- boned in an intersection, and that gave me constant anxiety. A few months later is when I noticed enlarged, worrisome lymph nodes. *

      • Hi Madeline, good for you! I’d love for you to keep in touch along your healing journey. 🙂 You are so right about stress. I had a tough time with anxiety in the years prior to being diagnosed. Couple that with my horrible diet and I think I was a perfect storm. With intense adherence to the protocol and careful monitoring, I think this should be the ONLY way to heal from Hodgkin’s. Especially as a first line of defense.

        • Hello, again! I was curious about how your lymph nodes changed throughout your diet. Mine have shrunken significantly around my collarbone, and they have grown a little under my arms. Did yours ever start to hurt?

      • Hi Donna,
        I hope you still visit this blog because I have two blogs that I regularly visit and this is one of them. I just hate posting b/c I’m still working on my own issues. I was wondering how you’re doing w/ the CLL if you don’t mind sharing and hope that things are well for you. @ Courtney, thanks a lot for sharing your journey, it helps people like me to stay focused.

    • Hi,

      Can you point me in the right direction, I want to look at a natural protocol for my 11yr old son, he has achieved remission with chemotherapy, but his chemo protocol is another 2.5 yrs, he has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. It’s a very scary thought contemplating a natural protocol for a child, it’s a leap of faith I believe. But I’d still like to look into it.

  2. Hi Cortney,
    Thank you for sharing your story. It is so needed as many of us are on the path of alternative treatment. One huge challenge is finding an M.D. willing to monitor your progress. Toward that end, I want to know if you would recommend the doctor mentioned in your post? If possible could you email me your response and any insights that you have to offer.
    Thanks so much. Miya. God Bless!

  3. Thank you for your site!
    I would love to give the nutritional approach a chance with my stage 1 breast cancer, but I have a surgery date of July 3rd which is coming up fast. My family doesn’t want me to take the risk of postponing my date.
    I will be asking my oncologist (who hasn’t even been assigned yet!) what the risks are of waiting a few more weeks while measuring my progress each week.

    Questions for you:
    Were you monitored weekly?
    Did you ever read about people who tried the Bill Henderson approach or nutritional approach and it failed? As in their cancer either grew or spread.

    Thank you for your time! (You can always feel free to email me privately if you prefer)
    Thank you!

    • Immediately start taking Curcumin Tablets and soursop tea empty stomach. Half an hour before meal. twice a day and soursop fruit juice after meal. Stop using any kind if deodorants. Sweat as much possible. Take Saunas. Find homeopathy You’ll be alright.

    • Hi Kris- I was monitored every 8 weeks using the HCG test I last wrote about:

      I haven’t read of anyone personally who have “failed” using the Bill H protocol, but I have heard from Bill that it has happened- mostly from non-complying/defeated individuals or people who were advanced disease and who already received chemo. I have heard several success stories just through my blog, mostly through people who see this as a journey to heal, not a destination to get rid of cancer.

  4. Can I have your email address as I need your help and guidance to treat early stage NH Lymphoma with no symptoms. I’m 43 years old with no disease. I take the following
    1. Early morning empty stomach 2 glass if water
    2. Early morning empty stomach 1 glass of wheat grass juice.
    3. After Shower 1 glass soursop tea for 21 days a month. Same in the evening followed by Soursop fruit juice
    4. 1 organic Tab. Siprilina hurb
    5. 1 organic Tab Curcumin
    6. 1 Omega 3 oil capsule.
    7. Detox and Main infection medicine from Homeopath
    8. Anti oxidants
    9. Sauna 4 weekly
    10. Steam Bath 4 weekly
    11. Brisk walk 3 kms 5 weekly

    Please advise.

  5. Hello,
    I’m so happy to hear about your healing! I am praying that I will be blessed with a healing as well. I have Uterine Fibroid tumors, and my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I have had some of the same challenges with eating an All Raw diet, and it’s been an emotional roller coaster. I would like to drink green tea and stick to it because a co-worker’s uncle was healed by drinking green tea. I read that the ECGC is more potent in the caffeinated tea, but caffeine will grow the tumors. I’ve been brewing the green tea leaves, but not on a consistent basis, and I just found out the tumors have grown. If you can say, which green tea did you use? No one seems to be able to tell me that.
    Thank you.

  6. Your story really gives me hope to an alternative method, I was diagnosed with stage 2 hodgkins last August while pregnant with my daughter, after going through 6 months of chemo we have just found out that the lymphoma is still there.. and now i have a few options but one that would lead to infertility (which is just not an option!) I have been looking into an alternative natural route and it feels good to have somewhere to start..
    Thank you!

  7. Courtney, your story is so inspiring, I have a question, what are you thoughts regarding using Stevia while trying to conceive?

  8. how much of beta 3-D and vitamins did you take each day and when? and do you happen to know if a small amount of coffee is allowed on the budwig diet? i am so happy you beat your cancer.

    • Hi Kim- Bill Henderson is pretty clear about a “no coffee” policy. I wouldn’t mess with it if you have cancer. It’s just a season, although I know the caffeine withdrawals can be a beast. Try green tea for a small pick-me-up but with anti-cancer benefits.

  9. Hi I just had right breast mastectomy due to ductal adneocarcinoma. I had the left one removed in 2010 same thing only difference is that this one has a very low percentage of receptor. The other one was triple negative all a cross the board. So I hate the thoughts of having to take chemo again. I am ready to fight with all natural foods drinks I know with Gods help I can beat this. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Carroll- read through my “How I Beat Cancer” page and research, research, research! Try to find other triple neg. breast cancer survivors who refused chemo and had success. Monitor yourself carefully. So much to say and not enough time to do it, but you need to pray that God would lead you down the right path for you.

  10. Hi Courtney, I watched your interview on Quest for the Cures series. Praise God for your healing! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m a breast cancer survivor. Last year I underwent surgery, chemo and radiation. My last chemo treatment was September 17th. I’m currently taking tamoxifen but I want to start alternative/preventive treatments. I’m eating organic and have removed a lot of toxic products from my home and personal care items. I wanted to ask your opinion on how/where you think I should start in my transition to a healthy body that will not be susceptible to cancer again. I’m going to purchase Bill Henderson’s book but I don’t know if it’s applicable to me. Thank you for your time and feedback. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  11. Hi Courtney,
    I have been devouring your information as my son-in-law, who lives in Atlanta, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He wants to do the recommended protocol for his cancer, but he and my daughter are also working on his diet, supplements and other things. They have read some of Bill Henderson’s book. They have had trouble finding a holistic M.D. or naturpath in the Atlanta area who would work with him in a supportive role. We would appreciate any leads you might have. Also, I know you have met many cancer thrivers and was wondering if there might be someone with lung cancer that he could bounce his questions off of.
    Thank you for sharing your story and talents with us,

    • Hi Sue,

      As you probably know, stage 4 lung cancer has a 1% chance of 5 year survival. If I would have been diagnosed with this and knowing that I would most likely not be cured, I would definitely take my intact immune system and otherwise healthy body and find a natural protocol that would empower my body instead of tear it down. Even the American Cancer Society has this to say:

      “Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is widespread when it is diagnosed. Because these cancers have spread to distant sites, they are very hard to cure. Treatment options depend on where the cancer has spread, the number of tumors, and your overall health. If you are in otherwise good health, treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy (chemo), targeted therapy, and radiation therapy may help you live longer and make you feel better by relieving symptoms, even though they aren’t likely to cure you.”

      There are two doctors that I would suggest calling and discussing your son-in-law’s diagnosis that I know would be supportive of an alternative route, Dr. Rhett Bergeron who is an MD (678) 990-5401 and Dr. David Jockers (770) 420-0492 who is a chiropractor and has studied alternative cancer therapies and holistic healing. Stage 4 lung cancer isn’t a walk-in-the-park no matter what he chooses. Please let them know they can contact me with any questions they might have.

      Also, they may want to read up on Cancer Tutor’s recommended protocols for advanced lung cancer:


  12. I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant this Wednesday. Thursday I had 2 lymph nodes biopsied and was given a rushed preliminary diagnosis of lymphoma. I’M very hopeful in using natural cures for this, but can you do what you did in the beginning while pregnant? Do you know what is safe to do and what is not during 1st trimester? Thank you for any help

  13. I saw your interview on Quest for the Cures, and I praise God with you for your continued “clinical remission status”.

    I am considering the Living Foods Institute. It is so expensive that I want to be sure it will be very helpful. Could you please let me know your impression of it?

    I am very eager to INCREASE the healthy terrain on my body as I try to go 100% alternative treatment for breast cancer. (Have successfully done alternatives in the past, but mixed in some conventional recently as the cancer started growing. Of course, the conventional has caused FURTHER problems)

    Thank you for making time to answer my Living Foods Institute question.

    • Hi Ruth!

      LFI is definitely expensive, even with the “scholarships” they offer. I believe we paid around $5,000 to attend for 12 days (for both my husband and myself.) IF I were to do it all over again, I would get their lowest priced package (I believe they call it bronze- but it was 6 years ago I attended.) That should give you all of the raw foods classes, food, daily wheatgrass shots, and “emotional healing” classes- which I admit were very empowering. There’s a lot of other stuff packed in there too to sell you extra things, which of course you can say no to. So, back to what I was saying- get the bronze package and add any additional therapies a la carte such as colonics (highly recommended,) foot baths, reflexology, etc. Blessings to you in your healing journey!!!! xoxo

  14. Hi Courtney,

    First off, thank you so much for sharing your journey with the world via internet, what an encouragement you are!
    Our son was diagnosed with the same predominate lymphoma as you about a year ago. He is 29 years old, married to a lovely wife and they have two adorable little boys (okay a little grandmother plug here!) He had 3 weeks of radiation last February, (which he said he would never do again it was awful), and is now on CBD oil for the last 3 months. His most resent scan showed one of the tumors gone, but the other with activity. I have read that when the body is healing using natural methods it can use inflammation, here’s the actual paragraph from another site:

    “numbers will rise at first if you are taking supplements that are killing cancer cells. So don’t be alarmed if scores rise at first. It’s just what happens. And tumors enlarge when you are killing the cancer cells in them as the immune system uses inflammation to get rid of those cells. We here many stories of tumors being removed that were completely dead because of the supplements that were taken. – See more at:

    He and his family have also been making changes in their diet and juicing. He has an oncologist as well as an integrative doctor (mine) that he has just started to see.
    I also wondered if you dealt with any emotional issues, and if so, how? I am learning about EFT, and I actually lead a ministry called “Sozo” in my church for inner healing, so I am very aware of the need in this area.
    Thanks again for any help/insight you can give us!

    • Hi Sherri!

      It’s wonderful to hear how well your son is doing! Knowing how quickly my NFP Hodgkins responded to the Bill Henderson protocol, of course it is what I would recommend for your son to start with along with Essiac tea and other detoxing techniques. You can find that all in my How I Beat Cancer section. For emotional healing, I prayed A LOT and worked on noticing where I stored stress in my body (telling enough it was on my left side near my primary neck tumor.) I also began to be aware of overreacting to life’s simple stressors, making a big deal out of little things was a very unhealthy habit that I countered by self-talk about how silly of a reaction I was having over something so small. I hope this all helps! -Cortney

  15. Hello and congratulations on beating cancer. I’m on a journey for physical and spiritual healing as well. I’m a 41 year old woman (believer) with 3 kids. I was diagnosed with both type 1 diabetes and hodgkins lymphoma within the last 9 months. This has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. God has really done a great work in me this last week by giving me such a peace that I haven’t had. Do you know of anyone who has beat both with a complete turn around in diet? I have been trying to eat a diet to work on both sides. Thank you!

  16. You mentioned that you signed up for Samaritan Ministries for your Alternative Health Care. Does it cover all of the tests and protocols that you use to fight cancer and stay cancer free? Also, do you know it it covers the Hippocrates Institute? (This may not be the right thread for this question but I hope you will answer it. Thanks)

    • Hi Marsha- I have only had Samaritan Ministries for a little over a year whereas I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago. So I don’t have personal experience with using SM for alternative cancer treatment, just the knowledge from reading their guidelines:

      Regarding Alternative Cancer Treatment and Other Alternative Treatment:

      “Alternative Medical Practices (or non- conventional treatments)— An “alternative medical practice” or “treatment” is a treat- ment proposed for a condition diagnosed by a licensed, medical doctor, but not prescribed by the member’s doctor and not otherwise listed in the Guidelines as a publishable need.

      Alternative treatments are published with prior written approval from Samaritan Ministries. Approval is based upon factors such as the less invasive nature of the proposed treat- ment, demonstration that such treatment will prevent more costly conventional treatments, consistency of the treatment with what a medical doctor would prescribe for illness or injury, and the member’s acceptance of appropriate preconditions for publishing the expenses. An example of a treatment that may be an alternative, but which has been published with prior written approval by SMI: The use of vitamin B-17 for the treatment of cancer.”

      ****With Samaritan Ministries, cancer IS considered a preexisting condition and you must be in remission 7 YEARS from diagnosis in order to be covered for the same cancer type again. If you are diagnosed with a different form of cancer, then it is not considered preexisting.***

      Regarding Naturopathy:

      “Naturopathic procedures, adjustments, manipulations, ultrasound, and similar treatments will be treated as “Alternative Medical Practices” (Section VIII.B.1). However, medical treatments and prescriptions provided by a licensed Doctor of Naturopathy that meet all other requirements will be publishable.”

      The way that I was explained the process was that you need to discuss your unique situation with SM, but in general they cover what alternative treatment plan you have decided is best for you. They also ask for a side by side comparison of what the conventional treatment you could have chosen would have cost. I do not know if it covers Hippocrates Institute. That’s a great question. My guess would be that it would cover the individual therapies at Hippocrates but not the full stay? I could be totally wrong. It’s a question to ask the ministry.

  17. hi Kortney
    i had triple negative breast cancer 2 years ago.
    i had surgery no chmo nor radiation.
    i followed a raw food diet and all was good.
    i started my business and was so buzy that i neglected
    all the good that i did.
    now it seems i have a lymph issue with cancer.

    please help i am in despert need of help


  18. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I have been ‘dancing’ with cancer for 15 years and find you website clear and inspiring. xxx

    • She’s since stopped practicing to stay home with her kids. Her name was Nari Ford, MD. I wish I could recommend someone to you but I have yet to find the “perfect doctor” in Atlanta who is knowledgeable enough about alternative cancer treatments and brave enough to talk about it.

  19. Hi, I am so glad I found your website. I have cancer and have been doing chemo since January 2014. In May 2014 I had a mastectomy of my right breast and was off chemo for 2 months when I heard the worst news…the cancer was back, and now in the nodes located in the center of my chest, no surgery could take it out and I was told its terminal. I immediately started another chemo and started doing research. My head was about to explode with information and looking into the alakline diet each chart contradicting the other, so I started eating healthier and drinking at least one green drink a day. In October 2014 I found out the cancer was in remission….I was thrilled to say the least. But then, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years came around and I cheated eating sugar here and there, stopped the green drinks and WAM! The cancer is back and now in my lungs. I feel I sabotaged myself and Now I have to get serious. My doctor said let’s try another round of chemo, but this time I refused. I need to try an alternative method but she is not on board with me. I have Kaiser and can not afford to see a naturopathic doctor, we’ve already to to move to save money. So now it’s all on me and The Lord to cure myself. I believe it will happen but I need to stay focused. It’s the whole eating thing that I can’t seem to grasp. I don’t have any sugar of any source not even Stevia. I eat all raw or steam fried veggies and make green drinks with hemp seeds, but I feel hungry all day and need something a little heavier. I don’t know if I should eat fruits because of the sugar content.

    I’ve researched a few protein drinks, one made by Sunwarrior and the other made by Dr Young PH Miracle green scoops, it’s all veggies, no fillers and no sugar. Oh, and I can’t swallow pills. I would love to hear some of your suggestions.

  20. Hi Courtney,
    I found your website through Chrisbeatscancer. I have been reading all most all your posts. You are so inspiring to me. I do not have cancer but I am looking to start a healthy way of eating for me and my family. Could you please tell me how and what we should eat. What does your two girls eat? I grew up on meat and processed food and junk food. I am also trying to quit my sugar intake. Can you do the cottage cheese and fleexseed oil as a prevented method for cancer? My family has a lot of different kinds of cancer. I am so happy their are websites like yours and others that we can learn from. I wish you and your family the best and God bless you!

    • Stay tuned for a blog post one day on how my kids eat. IT is absolutely amazing of what kids WILL eat when they don’t know the junk food exists. 🙂 And YES-_ do the CCFO as a preventative measure for cancer.

  21. Cortney,
    can I please ask where are you purchasing your Essiac tea from? I would like to buy it for myself just do not know which seller is trustworthy. Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

  22. You are both heroes.

    My wife and I have pursued a lifestyle journey toward the highest nutrition, in all senses of the word, which has evolved to a state at which I’d never have expected on the outset. My wife, Melinda, throughout this process, has become a certified nutritionist specializing in raw, holistic and naturopathic nutrition. I have earned a couple certifications of my own, all with the intention of providing ourselves and our two beautiful girls the best life ever. I had been skeptical at first having been raised on a conventional SAD (Standard American) diet. But the more I have learned, the more I have both gained faith in the deeper senses of our humanity and intuition, and lost faith in allopathic (western) medicine. Our journey continues and we deeply desire to give back by helping others understand nutrition as deeply as we have come to understand it, and thus be able to make the truly important life choices that support a life of peace, happiness, joy and fulfillment, which I believe to be our given birthright.

    In this age of an increasingly toxic environment I have battled with the thought of what we’d do should we be faced with the very situation you were. I have optimistically declared that I would not move forward in fear and that we know enough to deal with it. But honestly, a small part of me still wondered if it would be enough. For you to have the courage to faithfully step forward and put your life on the line in pursuit of a better option is nothing less than remarkable and amazing. You have lived to share your story and have offered others who may be facing a similar situation a source of inspiration and encouragement. I sincerely hope they take it to heart and make the wiser choice. I commend both of you for your courage. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
    Much love to you both.

    True C. Bond

  23. Hi I would like to thank you for posting your testimony. I am a 34yo father of two beautiful children and I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Reading post like yours, and websites like Chris beat cancer keeps me extremely positive.

  24. I have no website. I am a just a 65 year old retiree that wants to live more than just a few happy years with my wife before the inevitable. I saw your sight and am encouraged. I have just been diagnosed with T2a prostate KANSER via biopsy. I wish I had not had the biopsy due to the possibility of spreading the KANSER. but it is done so no use crying over spilled milk. I have gone on a three day fast and ended with bentonite and water, expelling quite a few things from my colon. I am wondering how necessary it is to have colonics because, quite frankly, the thought of it does not at all please me. I don’t mind drinking GREEN but the colonics, well, I guess I would if it was necessary. What are your thoughts?

  25. Courney:

    It occurred to me that I did not read (or at least recall reading) anything on your site about you taking supplements, like Lycopene, Zinc Citrate, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, etc. etc. etc. Did you take anything like that during your healing process and if so, what was it?



  26. Hello,

    Can you please tell me the vendor source you buy your Essiac tea from. If you do not want to post it publicly would you consider emailing me directly please.

  27. Hello, your website is wonderful, thank you for sharing your story and all of this information. I must admit I am so totally lost. I was diagnosed on the 9th of this month with Lung Cancer, I don’t smoke at all. I had stage 3 cancer last year in my uterus, they did the usual surgery, a hysterectomy (full), but the cancer spread to my bladder, then I had 4 rounds of grueling chemo, to follow with radiation, but did not get to do the radiation. I had a PET scan after the chemo that showed a nodule in my left lung, so they did a biopsy with the results were negative for cancer PRAISE THE LORD!! But then the doctor wanted to do another one in 90 days and the PET scan came back that the little nodule mastesized to my right lung. At the present time they want to do another biopsy in the right lung, and mind you there is no anesthesia with these biopsies, so my left lung to this day hurts they went in thru my left breast, urgh, and they already want to schedule my chemo and I just don’t feel lead to do this, my husband at first when I told him he said to me NO MORE CHEMO!!, he told me strait out YOU ARE HEALED. I did a lot of reading but I am so lost, I read the Ann Cameron book on the carrots and I am having 5-6 cups of carrots a day since last Tuesday, 2 cups of Baking soda a day, and one green smoothie with Turmeric. So my question to you is this, what do you recommend I follow as a diet / protocal? I am really broke, cant afford those expensive treatment centers, I just want to heal naturally, I am having slight shortness of breath, but since I have been having the carrot juice (extracted) I feel energetic. Please advice me, I feel like I am running out of time, I have been on the cancer tutor website which is awesome also, but not sure about 14 protocals a day, etc. any advice comment I would appreciate it, and thanks for your time, I am sure with 2 little ones your really busy, blessings.

    • Hi Jeanette! I can see you have a lot going on and a lot fo big changes being made quickly. I think the best thing to happen to me was my choice to focus on one book to read (Bill Henderson’s “Cancer-Free”) and start with the changes in that one book. Anything else was too overwhelming for me at first, but I did end up adding more to his protocol later. You can see my How I Beat Cancer page to see what order I went in adding things.

      • Wow, thanks so much for your reply, I was going to purchase the book yesterday how funny, so I will get it today for sure. Yes, I am highly overwhelmed with all of this and I will check out you page, and see the order that you added things, I am still doing the carrot juice every day 5 cups, thank you so much for your reply. blessings to you.

  28. I found this story very informative and helpful as my daughter was just diagnosed yesterday with Hodgkins Lymphoma. My daughter’s best friends mother called me and asked me to at least look at Bill Henderson info and offered to buy the book. Through my research I landed on your page and have decided that I want to try this way. Of course I am scared and just wanted the easy way to get rid of her cancer, but after reading your page and Chris’s page, I decided that I want to try this because I don’t want her to go through the pain and side effects that may occur after. The one thing that we need is a support group to ease the stress.
    The challenge is going to be for her to eat green veggies, but I’m pushing it, so the whole house is getting on board to support her and to prevent it from happening to anyone else.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  29. Hello Cortney,
    I am so glad I found your blog. A lot of useful information and encouraging story.
    I live in Alpharetta, GA. I recently had MRI, that showed that one tonsil is very large. I don’t want to have biopsy. And I am looking for alternative.
    Same day when I went to the doctor and he suspected that I possibly can have tonsil cancer I changed my diet. I been eating raw veggies and fruits and cheese+flaxseed oil.
    I wanted to ask – how do you like Doctor Stephen M. Szabo?
    Did you go to holistic Docror also? Can you recommend anyone? Does he accept insurance ?

    • Hi Alyona,

      YES- I really liked Dr. Szabo. He is a great listener and never pressured me. He was also very encouraging and yes, he accepts insurance. I stopped seeing an oncologist in 2013 and currently see Dr. Jonathan Stegall MD in John’s Creek when I need to go to a medical doctor. (He is a holistic MD.) All of my cancer monitoring is done through hcG testing and physical self-examination. Dr. Stegall does not take insurance but they will give you paperwork to file with your insurance company.

      • Thank you so much for your replay. I just received my first HCG test result from Navarro Clinic, that showed positive result +4 51,4
        I don’t know what to think, because I never received positive diagnosis of cancer from my ENT Doctor, we decided to watch/monitor my tonsil.
        Now I am not sure, what if it not tonsil, but cancer somewhere else in body. I also have HPV, could that virus would show on HCG test?

  30. Can you share any links to great food lists you used? I find his book to be vague as far as the few grains, lots of veggies, one fruit… Need to figure out seeds, nuts, proteins, sprouts etc to manage weight loss balance. I’m having a hard time finding anything so thought I’d ask what you used. Thank you so much for your blog and info!!! I’m so grateful!!

  31. Hi Courtney,
    Well, first of all thank you so much for sharing your story and all the useful info, and congratulations!
    I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, stage 3B on October of 2014. I’ve completed the 6 month ABVD treatment, was in remission for a few months until it came back. Completed the ICE treatment, followed by another strong chemo cocktail (BEAM) just before a stem cell transplant this past January. Now I’m in a situation where it looks that I’m in remission again but my doctor recommended me to start a maintenance chemo. I have not decided yet if that’s the rout I want to go. But regardless of that I started to change my life habits and I would like to get some guidance and support, too. I’ve been reading your blog, many of the links that you have shared and that is helping me make changes now. I’ve also been researching about alternative centers or doctors that can guide me into this and also monitor my lymphoma, but they either don’t work with HMO, or are not oncologist. I’m in Chicago and I wanted to reach out to you to get some feedback.
    Thanks in advance for your time and again, thanks for sharing this blog with us.
    (btw, I’m following your 14 day summer detox and I love it!)

    • Hi Cecilia, I hate that you had to go through all of this, but glad to hear you’re so positive and proactive. 🙂 The 14 Day Cleanse gets lots of great feedback, I’m happy you are doing it! The decision to do maintenance chemo for Hodgkin’s needs to be a prayerful one. I personally would use watchful waiting and a hardcore nutritional and supplemental protocol and detox while monitoring carefully OVER doing maintenance chemo! Your body is not chemo deficient, 🙂 but it sounds like you get that and are making the changes you need to.

      • I just can’t see this being the case. But if it is, it’s going to backfire badly because the US’ ability to project power in the world will be further reduced, and a weaker US mean a weaker Isa8el&#r230;

      • Someone tells you what treatment an oncologist recommends, and you offer your own recommendation disputing that?! Do you have a license to practice medicine?

        • Hey Robert, she asked me and I gave her my opinion. If it were me I would not do maintenance chemo. I’d give my body a chance to recover from the 6 months of chemo she already received and restore it with nutrition and supplementation. I told her to pray about it. It’s ultimately her decision. 🙂

  32. This is a wonderful article and heartening to read. It must have taken much courage to trust your own abilities to heal by working with nature and it’s bounty in a world where bureaucracies of all political flavors are trying to control nature and people.
    May you and your family have many decades of health and you continue to inspire people to healthy alternatives.

  33. I’m so glad I found your blog, looking for direction. I’ve been living with stage 4 lung cancer with a rare exon 20 mutation for over three years now. I was written off, given two months but I have been beating the odds. I’m still stage 4 but somehow managing to keep things stable. I do lose my focus at times and I’m not really getting the support I need from my circle so I need to do this alone. Your blog can be my constant reminder that I have to keep at it, be relentless. You have shared a wealth of information, thank you.

  34. Hi, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. I have just finished cancer treatment (chemo/radiation) but now starting to look for an alternative health approach. A question – of the different cancer treatments that you followed, what have you continued with post-cancer? I am slowly changing my diet but I know I need to get my immune system back on track; there is so much info around, I just don’t know where to start.

    • Hi Melissa! My post cancer protocol is almost the same but has gone through some changes depending on my level of busy-ness. I have always stuck with the Budwig and lunch smoothie. My dinner has become more family friendly but still super healthy with smaller servings of meat 3-4 times per week. I still take most of my supplements, but I have cheat nights a few times a month, and sometimes get a little too adventurous and have to reel myself back in. Hope that makes sense! xoxoxo -Cortney

  35. Hi Cortney:

    Congratulations on your journey. My husband is also a cancer survivor (Prostate). What advice can you give regarding how to look for an appropriate alternative Dr.? What is the criteria? I would love for him to see the appropriate person as a preventative at this point but don’t know where to start or exactly what kind of alternative to look for.


  36. Thank you so much for your story! I’m currently fighting and recently diagnosed with B cell lymphoma and awaiting more results from a full biopsy. I wanted to know what ingredients were in your cottage cheese as some here have xanthan gum or other additives. Did you re culture it?

    Thank you so so much,

    Momma of two

  37. I am sending this for my wife Deborah who has had modular scorpionfish Hodgkins Lymphoma. Had Abvd chemo and radiation. Four months later atouholoud bone marrow transplant. Now 15 years later just confirmed it is back with new tumors She would like to do alternative treatment

  38. I have B cell defused non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and oncologist wants to rush me in to have chemo in a few days. I don’t believe I’m going to do that at this time. Looking into a clinic to go to detox and get my body ready for being home to continue. I’ve looked intonhe Hippocrates health center. Chipsa hospital. Biomedical center and also hope4cancer. Been taking the essiac herbal drink. Not sure how often to take it either. Haven’t eaten anything much at all (except for a half a cuke one day and another day I ate a green salad.) anything else has been lots of water and a couple juices a day. A carrot, carrot apple and a nasty green one. Cannibus oil I’m trying to slowly work more into me but I’m not found of the feeling. Next I just got in my ozone water generator I heard was good to do. No sugar…I’m scared it’s not enough. Just got my PET scan back and it doesn’t look good. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!PLEASE!

    • I started using the Bill Henderson protocol and did not get decrease in the breast tumor until I added the cannabis oil 6 months ago. Now my tumor is down 50% and decreasing. My doc here in CA gave me the needed recommendation letter and after doing lots of research online found proper dosing info through the people at Aunt Zelda’s website where they give proper dosing, what oils to use and when through their medical doc for free after you fill out their long questionnaire. They deliver the oil to your home if you live in CA. or you can use their free dosing info for your type of cancer- dosages vary according to age and type of cancer so you need an expert to tell you what dosage and type of cannabis oil to use successfully. Then you can buy your cannabis oil wherever it is legal knowing how much THC and CBD oils you will need to take daily to kill the cancer. All oils you buy should be lab tested and prepared with CO2 processing. Do not make the oil yourself as described on the Rick Simpson protocol- This is outdated and uses much to much cannabis oil to do the cancer killing. I use about 75 mg. High CBD oil every morning (3 rice size squirts in an empty gelatin capsule-available at health food stores) and 75 mg. high THC oil before bed so as I am never feeling high during the day and sleep off any dizziness during the night. Contact me if you need more info. Best wishes,

  39. This is a great write up, I was also a victim, having uterine fibroid for many years. The size of my fibroid was very large as a grapefruit in my womb, trying to conceive was so hard. My difficulty was not only getting pregnant, but keeping the pregnancy. I occasionally had reoccurring bouts with dysfunctional uterine bleeding due to fibroid tumors. I even came close to having a hysterectomy, but due to future/possible complications, I refused. I learned about some herbs mixture prepared by Dr.Leonard and that was my breakthrough to a long standing problem. I already gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, very healthy, happy, and bright. I forgot to mention that my non-existent sex drive returned within just a few weeks of starting the herbs, this was a pleasant surprise. If interested and ready to give a try check out his blog: or contact me for my details experience;

  40. Hello,
    It is stories like this that give me hope for my mother. She is 52 yrs of age, has never smoked or drank alcohol. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma, about 2 months ago, which started in the lining of her lungs and has now spread to her bones, Lymph node and spine. She is in pain and lost a lot of weight. She is currently on currently on Chemotherapy. She has started to drink wheatgrass juice in the morning. We are doing Beat, Carrot, Apples, Oranges, Kale, Spinach Juice at home. I have been forcing her to eat 3 apricot kernels per day (hoping to increase the number after her body is used to it); along with apple seeds every time we cut an apple. She is eating raw Kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots, apples with a cutie orange squeezed on top in the form of a salad. She is still eating her normal Indian food for dinner so that she can eat and her weight is maintained. I have just purchased a product called “Amazing grass green superfood Alkalize & Detox” which she will have in a glass of water. Her diet is in this order:
    1. Wheatgrass Juice
    2. Eat Apples (with seeds), Kiwi, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberries, other fruits
    3. Almond milk, Nutiva plant based protein (soon to be Hemp protein), apples smoothie or Chia
    seed and organic oatmeal. I will give her 1 apricot kernel with this.
    4. Salad or normal healthy Indian food (usually lentils, chickpeas, cooked vegetables). 1 apricot
    kernel with this.
    5. Juice
    6. Dinner (Indian food with Dal curry or partially cooked & sautéed veggies with quinoa). Last
    apricot kernel with this.

    We are also starting to have her drink turmeric, lemon, black pepper tea. I have also bought her the essiac tea which she has used 1 or 2 times. Me, my father and mother are all still shook up and doing our best to maintain stress levels. I believe we are doing an exceptional job with meditation and my mother is constantly reading the Indian version of the bible.
    Please help us incorporate some natural treatments for her diagnosis. We are still not sure exactly how to defeat this. please reply and let us know what has worked and we are willing to try it. If there is anything you see in the above diet that should not be there let me know. Thank you for reading.


  41. Hello Cortney\
    I am wondering what kind of sound wave machine you used and for how long? How much would you use it per day?

    I would also like to know how much of the Bob Beck protocol ( what aspects of it) did you incorporate?


  42. Hello,
    Thank you sharing your amazing story, I am really happy for you that you heal your cancer naturally with herbs, vitamins and supplements. I was wondering if you could clarify something in terms of cancer issue. The protocol that you listed above is only for Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin Lymphomas or other Hodgkin disease also can use. Why I am too concerned about it because I have diagnosed with Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma couple of weeks ago. I want to know if i can use this protocol or not.
    Thanks in advance.

  43. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! It’s amazing how God created our bodies!! I found out just under a month ago that I have Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My husband and I are praying as to which direction to take. I don’t know what stage I’m in just yet. I had a mass removed from my chest and will be meeting with an oncologist soon. I look forward to reading the resources that you have provided!

      • Shame on you. You should be recommending this woman talk to her oncologist and get the best medical advice available, maybe including a second medical opinion from a second board certified oncologist.

        • Second opinions and even third opinions are great. I agree. Doesn’t always have to be from an oncologist though. They have one tool in their toolbox: conventional approaches- chemo, radiation, surgery, and maybe immunotherapy. It wouldn’t hurt to investigate an integrative or holistic approach as well.

  44. Hi Cortney,

    I just received my Hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis Feb 24th, 2017 (my 30th birthday). My wife Lisa is a big fan of yours and she has me on a radical new diet following the budwig protocol, raw vegan vegetable diet and juicing 50 oz of raw vegetables daily.

    I’m a young healthy male with no prior health history. Honestly I’m just scared. I’m nervous that these natural treatments won’t work for me. We are praying through this process and trusting Christ to lead us, but it is difficult. Any encouragement would be great.

    • Hey Josh, I know this is so tough but you’re going to do great! I remember feeling that the DIET was so much worse than the cancer at first. The best advice I can offer (and it’s where I got the most peace from) was just PRAYER in waiting. I waited for the Lord to lead me. Some people say the Universe or whatever, but seeking guidance from my Heavenly Father gave me pure peace. It never helped to act out of urgency or fear and sometimes the waiting was long. But you’ll be better this way. The diet and lifestyle changes you are making now can be used alongside any future treatment you may be called to, and you’ll be so much better off for it. I hope this helps! 🙂 -Cortney

  45. Hello! How can I speak with you? I am 19, I have a lump in my neck that seems to be growing. My doctor doesn’t seem to care much. I’ve been doing extensive research the last couple weeks and I’m ready to go a natural route. Not only to hopefully get this lump gone, but to be sure nothing like this ever happens in my life again. Please, and thank you!

  46. Also, I am very very active. I am a personal trainer, plus I train my own body everyday sometimes twice, what about protein? Is an all natural vegan protein powder okay? No sugar added?

  47. Hi – not sure how up-to-date you are in reading these posts. But I would love to speak with you. My grandmother has been diagnosed with a “slow growing cancer.” Her onocologist has recommened chemo & radiation. I have tried to educate her more about other options. This is time sensitive. She has her first chemo appointment in two weeks. I truly need help with talking my grandmother into getting a second opinion. Preferably from a doctor who supports natural healing. Epsically since these doctors have already told her she “has no other options.” I disagree. Please help! Thank you for reading this. Any response is greatly appriciated.

  48. Hi, Thankyou for your inspiring story!
    I have swollen inguinal lymph nodes mainly on the right side about 2cm. My stomach is swollen and my muscles are weak/twitching and be lost weight and got very veiny. I have had the swollen nodes for nearly a year and don’t want to have a biopsy and go down the conventional route, but my symptoms are getting worse. I have tried fasting and vegan diets but only for a few weeks and seen little improvement? After reading your post I think I have to commit to a new life style? I rarely eat any sugar only a little fruit.

  49. I have been doing this protocol for almost 2 years now and suggest a tastier way to prepare your Budwig. I mix the oil and cottage cheese first- then add 1/4 tsp. organic Stevia and 1/2
    cup filtered water and mix well-(using hand blender)Then place 1 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries and blueberries in regular blender- add another 1/2 cup filtered water and add
    the cottage cheese mix and blend very well into a smoothie. You can then take it to go and drink it in the car on the way to work. It tastes like a sweet berry smoothy and I look forward to it for breakfast daily. You drink green tea now with yours so the only difference is adding the liquid to the cottage cheese and stevia to make a tasty smoothy. Also if you add some fruit like a green apple or pineapple to your green smoothy it will be more enjoyable to drink. Thanks for your great website to help all of us in our cancer journey.
    In the last 6 months I decided to add Cannabis oil to my protocol and my breast cancer tumor is now decreased by 50%–I was not getting enough results just with the Bill Henderson protocol and by just adding this it has really boosted my healing. All info is on a website called Aunt Zelda’s- too much info to detail here- this web gives all info.
    (I live in Ca and it is easily available here). Contact me if you have further questions. Best wishes, Diana

  50. Hi, Cortney! Thank you for your positive and hope-giving post/site! My step-daughter is being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s (determining which type as we write) and I have this question: It appears as though Becky (step-daughter) is going to go the chemo-radiation protocol due to the urgency of her situation. Since she is going to follow her doctor’s recommendations (not much I can do about it, at this point) will adopting your suggested protocol, or, at the very least, if she begins rebounding, will any of that help, or, could it hinder the chemo/radiation effectiveness? Do you have any knowledge or experience with people who have tried to do both? Again, we’ll know by the end of today, just what we’re dealing with and there is a possibility that it is very serious and advanced. We just don’t know and I’m trying to gather as much info for decision making as possible. Thanks for all that you do! Blessings and continued health!

    • Hi Roy, if she is under 18 you don’t have a choice. chemo is usually across the board recommended for HL because of the cure rate. IT’s been 5 months since you’re comment. How is she doing?

  51. Cortney,

    This blog is so well done and thorough. Really great job! You are going to help so many people. I found you while researching for someone in Norway. I live in San Diego and help patients get to the Bio Medical Center in Tijuana, also known as Hoxsey. My Facebook page is Bonita Wellness and my Youtube channel is also Bonita Wellness. I have a couple dozen interviews on Youtube that help people make a decision to do natural healing for cancer. I found it was easy to write a good story but video interviews are really convincing and heart felt. Be Well

  52. Can you give me the name of your holistic doctor in Atlanta? I am desperately searching for one- not the oncologist, but your first holistic dr. I have an autoimmune disease & want a holistic dr. Thank you so much.

  53. Hi Courtney, i am a LNH Cancer myself. I am really interested to know more about your experience in facing this Cancer. I want to know about your daily meal intake and everything else since i am also doing alternative treatment. Really appreciated your response. Greeting from Jakarta Indonesia. By the way i am 60 years old. A mother of 2 and 2 grans daughters. Cheers
    Tiene Hidayat.

  54. I also have an indolent form of lymphoma, for almost 20 years now. I think much of what you say is dangerously misleading, considering it is common for this stage of lymphoma to not be treated by oncologists at all. There’s nothing unusual about an oncologist telling someone in your condition that there’s no rush to treatment, because typically there isn’t, and the suggestion of a full chemo and radiation protocol is NOT standard treatment at your stage. Personally, I think you should provide evidence that any oncologist ever recommended you have such treatment, which I personally doubt. Your suggestion that all the things you have done has something to do with your lymphoma condition is likely to mislead others, and perhaps tragically for those who need treatment urgently. For every story like yours, in which some untrained individual imagines they have affected the course of cancer with diet and exercise, there are people who died from putting off effective treatment when they should have gotten it. If you want to help people with cancer, encourage them to work from the beginning with a board certified oncologist, and let science, not folk wisdom, guide their course.

    • Hi Robert, I’m going to approve your comment for others to read. And also for the people that have been following me for years, for my family, and for my oncologist who diagnosed me and told me to do chemo and radiation. And for the second oncologist who agreed to monitor me while I pursued a nutritional protocol for three months to see how I did but to not wait too much longer. And for the THREE pathology labs that diagnosed and confirmed my cancer. All the best to you. I think you could start a blog about your frustration and help you feel proactive about your message.

  55. Thanks, Cortney! …Congratulations for your courage to travel this road!
    I was diagnosed with CML Leukemia almost 6 yrs ago. I began a chemo pill daily but searched
    for a natural treatment. So 2.5 yrs ago I began the Budwig protocol with the Cellect protocol.
    My oncologist says that I’m in partial remission for most of these 2.5 yrs. Right now, I wish I
    had the courage to stop the daily chemo pill!!

  56. Excellent Alternativ ways

    I have suddenly heavy pain in the neck.
    My GP suggested , it could be a metastasis from my Liver or Prostate Cancer.
    She booked me in for an MRI of the neck. coming up soon

  57. Hi, apparently I have the same type of cancer that you did. In a few days I will be going into surgery to remove one of my tumors to make a biopsy. I am starting to follow everything that you did, and would like to know examples of what you ate, today is my first day trying the organic raw vegan diet, and its really tough, specially since I am not used to eat this kind of food, and have no idea of what to eat. Did you follow Dr. Budwig’s Diet or just the flax seed oil/quark mix?

  58. My daughter is 31 diagnosed with brain lymphoma 2/2017 had chemotherapy and radiation but only shrink 20% doctors say they’ve done all they can do and her brain is in a cognitive state but I have faith

  59. It takes ALOT of courage to go against conventional medicine protocols and hopefully you’re able to find a practitioner to support you. It may seem out of place to ask but, does anyone know of a veterinarian who treats/reverses cancer with diet?

  60. I am very much into holistic treatments. I’m very happy for those that beat the odds. I am living with someone now that’s battling tongue and oral cancer. There is only one down fall, it’s very expensive and you can’t find charities that would help you fund the treatment. That is my problem now. I set up a fund raiser and can’t find not even one person with a heart to help me. Every place i’ve called including the American Cancer Society do not help fund alternative treatments. If there is someone out there that knows of a organization that would help me with the funding please post it on this site. I would appreciate it and you would be saving someone’s life.

  61. Courtney
    You inspire me. 1 month ago I refused chemotherapy for multiple myeloma after I viewed the Chris beat cancer series. I adopted a vegan diet and many of the protocols that Chris shared. (I was also on supplements prior to Chris)
    It has been scary at times to take on my own health. I work part-time. I think the stress is inhibiting progress. My free light chains are increasing. I am fighting shingles now, also stressing my immune system. It has been a hard several weeks with a low appetite, low energy, difficulty maintaining the entire protocol. I find that support is what I need most.

    • Hugs to you. It’s a very brave choice to go against the grain. I know what you mean about a support- do you happen to know of a HealingStrong natural healing support group near you? You can see all of the groups HERE.